The Book Inside You

  • So my darlings, my secret has been revealed. I have told my husband all. Needless to say I did not tell him everything until it was all concrete-my business registration done, my business license done, my publishing accounts set up, (except my bank account-that comes tomorrow)… and it was awesome y’all. I will admit, he asked questions for 45 minutes straight I think, but I showed him everything and at the end he was really excited.
  • It’s incredibly surreal. Then all of these creative juices just started to flow out of me as soon as I finished revealing to my husband all of the different ideas that I’ve had and the ones I’ve been working on –yada yada yada — it doesn’t matter. It’s just that I’ve lifted this huge weight off of my shoulders and now I’m free to think. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough guys.

    To be fair–he totally agreed that he would have given me ‘the look’ had I told him about this idea at inception. The one that I knew would shut me down- “another Amanda-kick that will die an early and expensive death”. But I’ve come a really long way these months. And with the proof so far, he’s now as excited as I am after showing him. I’m only weeks away from my first publishing.

    I did have to talk him down from the reality ledge for a minute though-this is not a “get rich quick” thing babe – it’s a real business model that, if done right, could generate enough to pay off debt sooner. Steady, passive income. Pretty much the only side hustle I have in the books (ha!) to be a possibility for me to sustain.

    It has taken a lot of time, sleepless nights-mornings-and will continue for a good bit. But the dividends will pay off. I am so excited guys! I’m an official publisher.

    Holy Toledo!!


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