Hi y’all! So I know you’ve been waiting with bated breath over whether I received the promotion or not….(Right?)

Well finally at long last I can share the news that – yes – holy cow I DID get the promotion. Color me thrilled and color me absolutely terrified…

This is how I operate. I hate it and love it at the same time. I thrive in chaos, the unknown, and the urgent. For instance, I’m a tad concerned that I’m officially not in my new role until 3/1 however I think I’ve emailed my new boss (who is a VP with 120 other direct reports) twice with questions and also my new team to put me on their calendars for the coming weeks for shadows and other pertinent meetings to break me in. Oh, and yes my current position will stay with me for several months still while I close out these projects. 2 horses, 1 ass. Yessssss…

But man oh man do I seem to change on the massive scale every time. Seriously, can we just go in pieces like the rest of the natural planet? Apparently not in my world. So professionally-massive change. Personally-massive change. Both very good and awesome change. But failure in either-not an option.

Who else listens to motivational speakers on repeat mode and become paralyzed? I mean, I’m not kidding. I listen to awesome motivational folks on podcast and YouTube but when I hear it I feel like I’ve been dosed with a sedative and can’t move. Am I the only one who has this issue? Aren’t these things supposed to light fires under your ass or something? Throw yourself into overdrive and get shit done? Ummmmm… not sit and ponder how you’re all of the sudden a failure because you can’t fathom where to start… Good heavens you idiot, one foot in front of the other…

Oh and this race. Lord above, I know I do this for your glory, but please let it be over with soon and us not be in the red when it’s over… 3/30 can not come fast enough, yet it comes too soon. Worst idea I’ve ever had-to plan a 5K to raise money for my husband’s Mission Trips…!!

My intention is not to be ambiguous with this post. Simply an entrance to the pieces I will be blogging about throughout-so you know it’s all a part of a grander picture.

Happy Saturday my friends.


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