Morning Coffee

It’s morning in my neck of the woods, so I wish you a happy Saturday!

I thought today would be a perfect day to sleep in because everyone else in the house has something to do. My plans today include nothing but cleaning house. However, as I sit here and sip my coffee I realize there was something I very well should have gotten up early to do this morning… I should have been out at other races promoting our upcoming one on March 30th. Damn, why didn’t I remember that?!

I’m the (idiot) one who thought it was a brilliant idea to organize a 5K race in order to raise money for Adam’s mission trip to Guatemala this year! We did hire a production company to help us with all of the stuff we have no clue what to do about, but it’s definitely on us to market, get sponsors, advertise…all of it. The part that’s pissing me off is that my husband is sort of leaving all of that crap for me to do. Alone. Me working from home gives this family the very untrue impression that I have an abundance of more “time” than they do…

I think when the gauntlet comes down about managing our money together that it may also include other similar topics of carrying the burden by myself and putting an end to those things too.

I finished the book Girl Wash Your Face earlier this week and loved it! Then a girlfriend of mine told me about the author Rachel Hollis’s new documentary steaming free on Amazon called Made for More so I gobbled that up yesterday. It’s so good and so inspiring… and sort of hitting me in the gut right now too. Legit y’all, I need to re-evaluate and dig deep for some motivation. About everything. I need to put into my life what I put into my job. So one thing, one thing is going to have my focus for the next 30 days. It’s going to be a tough one, but I think I’m going to stop drinking. Not like the “you can’t drink ever again kind of thing” but for 30 days I’m not going to have a drop. And then from there only a glass or two on special occasions. (But we all know all bets are off on beach vacations -HA!)

Update on the promotion…can you believe a decision still has not been made? The waiting game is the absolute worst y’all! I was truly in knots all week. Who knows if I’ll hear anything next week either, the VP is out of the office the first half of the week! So that doesn’t really bode well for an offer, does it? We’ll see, patience is key I suppose.

Wishing you a great Saturday, all! So something for you today, okay?


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  1. Good luck on hearing about the promotion 👍. As for working from home and jobs not being that equal, I can’t relate specifically but I think my wife would understand. It isn’t that we don’t split things up to do, but when we were both working away from the house it was probably 50/50, now it is probably 80/20 and some of it was when she first took time away from teaching she wasn’t working so she took on 100%… So now it is trying to find the right balance going forward and I think it is sometimes hard for her to let go and me to also step back in (if that makes sense).


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