It’s been a minute, I know…

2018 was an exceptionally difficult year for me. To be brief my meds had lost all of their ‘assistance?’ seemingly. As my husband’s gall bladder surgery kept him home for 3 weeks in August he realized quickly I was a hot mess (I’m good at hiding this crap when nobody’s around) and he forced me to go see my doctor ASAP. He practically drove me there himself. 3 month, and what felt like a million cocktails later, I’m good. Finally! I’m really really good. It’s sad, I didn’t realize how bad I was until I was finally good.

So it really came down to, “If you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say anything at all.” Hence, my blogging absence. But I have missed you.

I’m a mixed bag of emotions right now. Okay, so I’m not depressed or anything but, here’s the thing. I’m like…a rockstar professionally. I mean, I’m not super brilliant or anything like that, but buddy people just don’t see me coming and I can knock it out of the park like a girl boss. (Which by the way is my vision board word for 2019, but we’ll get to that shortly). Bottom line, I’ve got my stuff figured out and I’m walking the talk. Also, I finished a post Master’s certification (as if I needed more school)…

I’m not trying to boast, it’s the comparison I’m aiming to display here…

Annnnd, let’s review my personal life outside of work. Um, what. the. hell? I haven’t run/walked-hell, even exercised in…wait for it…2 years I think? My diet is ridiculous. Of course I’ve gained like 30lbs (miracle it’s not more to be honest). My finances are, well let’s not even go there. I’ve mentioned as much before. I have a plan though and it starts this weekend. I’ve hired the coaches, booked seminars, bought the books—Dave Ramsey here we come dammit! But… yeah…I have to tell Adam all of this over the weekend. “Happy Valentine’s Day, honey!” Super…whatever, but I’m SO DONE doing this alone! Because Clearly I suck.

Kids are good, thank you Jesus! Some issues with the oldest-it’s unfortunate that she has inherited mental illness from one of her parents and the bureaucracy of her bing too close to 18 has been a g’dang nightmare. But, she’s finally 18 and we walked out of the dr’s office with a prescription Monday and I almost cried with joy that she may have relief very soon!

Much is in the air, and while I know the next few months are going to be very hard and painful, they are the foundations of positive change in my life. I look forward to updating you on all of it!

See you in the threads…



  1. It’s nice to have you back Amanda, and feeling better. It’s understandable that you would take care of you and yours. Our higher priorities must include ourselves and those we love. Here’s hoping your 2019 is full of vitality, and preferred ways of being. Highest and Best!


  2. Great to have you back friend and interestingly enough that I was just wondering today how you were doing. I wish you all the best this year in your journey as I know some of those topics are not easy to conquer.. but you got this!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Not really, just dabbling from time to time. I am pondering changing my site name though 😁. Because you know that sounds like a good use of time and energy… Ha..


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