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Four days until vacation and the hubs and I had a (rare) fight yesterday, and it apparently we’re still not speaking. Seems four days before 10 days of indulgence my husband thinks it’s a good time to lay down the gauntlet about my health habits. Thanks buddy…

I had already made the decision a few weeks ago that after this vacation there’s a lot that will be changing, which I’ve alluded to recently. I need to take control of my health again. Why I just hit the brakes and put her in park a year ago is beyond my understanding. And that I’ve let myself just sit here for all this time collecting dust (and pounds) is just baffling.

I’m finding it more and more difficult to fight the stress that threatens to take over me. I’m overwhelmed. With a capital “O”. Not necessarily with the “To-Do’s”, rather much more with the situation of my life that I find myself in presently. And being unhealthy isn’t helping matters. I know I’ve struggled quite a bit with my BP this year, having to adjust my meds a couple of times, but you’d think I would have made exercise a priority knowing it could only help. Eating right and drinking less, too. Instead I went polar opposite; I eat like crap, drink quite a bit, and my office chair has become the second residence for my body to my bed.

What will be my biggest challenge is planning. Meal planning, calendar appointments for exercise, and herbal tea to wind down at night instead of wine. And I’m so nervous… starting this regimen is SO HARD. I should know too well-I’ve stopped and started many times in my life-I know what’s in store for me the next few months and I’m not looking forward to it. All or nothing. Still, I think it’s more than necessary. I know a healthier me is going to make a huge difference in how I feel and cope with the stress.

So here’s to good vacation, the much needed mental break will be good for me too. I will indulge, no doubt, but I know it’s the last of it-for a good long while anyway. And hopefully the hubs and I will make up before we leave…

Any good recipes for healthy meal prepping? Send me an email at

Have a good Tuesday…



  1. I cam completely relate to you in terms of just stopping my healthy way of eating. I started this right around the time my grandma got really sick. And I haven’t stopped up until today. Today I chose to eat better..and I sit here with my water bottle in front of me but really want something to eat..even thought I’m not hungry.

    You can do this..I would send you recipes if I had some on hand..but there are a TON of them on Pinterest..I’m a bit of a Pinterest junkie. Meal prepping is something I have never done..but intend to soon. I think an easy thing would be to buy a big bag of boneless skinless chicken breasts and bake them or grill them. Then add whatever veggie you’d like. Maybe some good steamed squash or something. I think they recommend no more than 4 days of food. Anyway, my prayers are with you. I know its hard. Hang in there!

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    1. Thank you! WE can do this! My problem is I’m always hungry-nice side effect I get from BP meds (I hate it!). I’ll be pouring over Pinterest, no doubt. Maybe we can share recipes together as we go through this…?

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