Coffee Break

Good evening lovelies. I’m sitting on my balcony listening to the rain fall as the sun sets, sipping on my coffee and winding down from a hard day of meetings and homework. Ahhh…

My daughter failed her drivers test today. She of course was distraught. It got me thinking about failure and what we learn from it, even as painful and sometimes shameful as it is when we’re dealing with it. I had my own failure recently myself. It has taken me a few weeks to recover, trying hard not to let it impact my “game”. Something like that can certainly impact a person’s psyche – losing confidence in oneself can affect everything else you’re doing or trying to accomplish.

We must own our failures, and the hardest part-learn from them and then move on. Make it make you better. It’s important to get perspective sometimes-you can’t always be on your A-game and not expect that something might slip through the cracks at some point. I don’t like to fail –who does? But just like my daughter we learn, try harder, and get back in the saddle and try again.

How do you think you cope with failure? Do you let it define you for a time? What do you do to get back to yourself without a chink in your armor?


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