Lord Willing

‘Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise, I’ll be waking in the morning’ to start me a new chapter to my life.

A southern expression I had never heard before I married my husband, and then seemingly heard it common all over the southeastern states of Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama. It makes me smile every time I hear it. I think of wisteria, women’s sun hats and drinking lemonade and sweet tea on the porch swings with southern ladies…when things were simpler and social media and smart phones weren’t the primary source for our interactions with one another.

I’ve been studying my Vision Board this weekend. Trying to reign in my tendencies of making grandeur plans that just are not smart to get to my Vision’s results. Go big or go home. Not a good mantra for someone with bipolar. Pace, balance, one step at a time… those are important (and more appropriate) mantras for someone like me. Biting off more than I can chew is dangerous. I seem to be a little out of control as the gates have opened into 2018. I haven’t even started and am already close to shut-down mode. No bueno.

Never keep trying. The battle is real, so I just have to keep trying to get beyond that wall. I feel like getting back to my diet and exercise regime is going to improve my mental state more or just as much as meds. Beyond losing the weight I’ve managed to gain this year (20 lbs ahem) I just need endorphins in my life and my body needs to not be shaped like my office chair! It’s was a sad embarrassment when I attempted yoga last week. Like a gumby doll that’s been in the freezer for some months. HA! A little funny too. So I’ll be you-tubing a daily routine at least 4 mornings a week. I also have a home workout program that my 17 year old and are going to do together in the afternoon. Right now I’m most interested in just moving again to get my body we’ll oiled for the running training to begin this Spring. Lord willing…

My husband played me a snippet from a radio talk show, it was a letter read from a dying 27 year old, who wrote about her advice on what’s important in life. It really hit me in the heart and inspired me in several areas of my life. I’m going to take her advice on a few items, the first about exercise. I have a healthy, capable body, so Lord willing, and the creek don’t rise, Im going to move it for my health.

So, one thing at a time as best you can. Many obstacles and opportunities lay in my lap right now and I have to pray to God for direction on which is HIS right path for me. And I want to be healthy again while I open my ears and eyes to hear Him, ready for Lord willing…

I’ll be waking in the morning to start me a new chapter in my life.

And share as I go.


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