Vision Board Planning

Last year a dear friend of mine invited me to a Vision Board party. We all were to get together and build our visual plan for our 2017 year. I wrote about it here last year.

Really when I sat down to do it I had no idea what in earth I was going to paste to my board. Plan? I had no intentional purpose to 2017 so I had to come up with it on the fly. I was really excited about the ideas that came flowing and I thought I came up with a pretty good board after it was all said and done.

Truth be told at least half of my visions on the board, or goals, came to fruition last year. Which is a pretty cool thing. I did keep it in front of me a reflected on it often. Am I working towards this goal or vision for my life? What’s the next area I should be targeting? Etc… It really was pretty awesome.

So 2018 is upon us and it’s time for our annual Vision Board party this weekend. I am So. Excited. This year I’m not going in blind, I have a sketch and a focus for myself to map out. Nothing really specific this time, more like a general theme: “Work Your Buns Off”.

The lows of my year and the struggle with my BP still abounds, in fact I’m probably struggling more currently than I ever have. But I am working with my therapist and doctor to adjust my medications-which scares the crap out of me-but have come to finally realize and accept that it must be done. I need to get back to being productive at life; my bed is not my home.

So I can’t wait to join my ladies in spiritual growth and mapping out our personal plans creatively this Sunday, and can’t wait to share with you when it’s done.

Have a Happy Thursday everyone!



    1. It’s really a wonderful thing to do and placed somewhere where you will see it often. I put mine in my office since I work from home. It’s amazing how much you can motivate yourself by just having a reminder of your goals throughout the year. Grab some magazines, print some word art or google images from your computer, and grab the markers-that’s all you need! Let me know if you make one, I’d love to see it!!


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