Holiday Spirit

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly…

I wanted everything this Holiday season to go perfectly, I just desperately wanted to feel some joy for a change this year. Have you ever wanted the Holiday Spirit so bad but somehow it has becomes an elusive thing, like trying to catch bubbles that just keep popping at your fingertips?

It was going along that way for me….

It’s been a rough year. Work has been difficult, finances are a mess, kids have been fighting with each other like mad, I have been battling with my bipolar lows throughout the year, and just not coping well with life all together-as my somber blog post history in 2017 kind of shows (when I actually did blog at all….)

I’m kind of sick of me.

Well so… I have decided to just feel joy.

Yup. That’s it. I just decided to choose joy instead of letting the weight of everything pull me under. Christmas is about Jesus. Not about worldly problems, material, or even health. My Savior was born! How amazing is that?! Just like that, I’ve been in the spirit of hope and giving ever since I flipped the switch to purposefully feel joy.

So if you’re struggling…maybe this might help you too. Let your problems take a back-seat for a small break (if possible). Be like a 5-year old who is excited to see Christmas lights all around, enjoy bundling up because it’s cold, and bask in the quiet of small moments of silence, remembering why we celebrate in the first place.

I hope that you have, or find, the Holiday Spirit too. Merry Christmas.


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