Physicality of Stress

I made a HUGE decision last Monday evening. One I’ve been dreading and avoiding, but it’s time, it must be done. I’ve been truly sick since. Like, I thought I had a wicked virus. My son has mono so I went and was tested to be sure. Negative. Swabbed for strep. Negative. Doctor says it’s just a nasty virus that needs to run its course.

As Wednesday inches closer (the evening of my big reveal of the source of my literally physically sickening stress) I have progressively gotten worse. I Sleep like the dead every chance I can. I called into work 2 days (the weekend 2nd job mind you). I cannot function. Several full blown meltdowns–you know the kind that are so bad you can’t remember what you said the night before during said meltdown, as if you’re so inebriated with drink you aren’t coherent for anything but fogged memories.

So the only conclusion of my physical depletion and body pain can only be attributed to fear and stress of the big reveal. No virus me thinks. Just this. So on Wednesday US evening, I beg for prayers. For the strength I need to follow through and the mercy I don’t deserve from my husband yet will beg for. Thank you friends.



  1. I don’t know you but I was browsing blogs and yours caught my interest. I hope things worked out for the better and hopefully your son is feeling better. ❤️

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