Evening Wine

More nights are becoming wine evenings than coffee evenings, so I thought I’d change the conversation a bit.

I had the nicest (but weirdest) compliment today. One of the guys I wait tables with was talking to other co-workers together and I was caught in the middle when I hear “…like Amanda… she’s the nicest person in the world and will smile at you immediately when you talk to her, but she has ‘resting bitch face’ if she’s just in her own thoughts. But seriously, she’s like an angel-which is so funny to know that she’s so awesome but you just wouldn’t know it unless you know her.” I laughed and laughed. I said, “oh boy I guess I better pay more attention to my expressions huh?”

Makes you wonder though, doesn’t it? What do people who don’t know you perceive you to be like if they don’t know you? Presumably, based on those comments, I must not seem like a friendly, approachable person unless I’m already engaged somehow. I evidently don’t have an ‘open door’ to conversation persona, even though I’m an incredibly social needy person.

My father will tell you I carry my heart in my eyes and shoulders for the world to see. Odd, if that’s true, AND I have resting bitch face, what’s going on in my head when I’m alone..?

A point to ponder when you think about what your ‘resting face’ is on… does it say “I’m a nice person to talk to.” Or does it say you’re unapproachable?



  1. I know I have a very intense look when I’m serious or thoughtful about something. In the past, a lot of times I guess I looked angry (and perhaps I was some of the time). I see myself as a warm, friendly introvert. So now, I really try to smile more so that I seem more approachable.
    Very interesting post.

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