My husband has developed a really bad habit of coming home from work either in a bad mood or, if not in a bad mood when he arrives, promptly finding something to rip into one or all of us about. It’s really starting to piss me off…whatever it is that’s eating up his mind needs to get unloaded and worked out, asap.

But it got me thinking about what we allow ourselves to get eat up about and what it does to others when we ‘get up in our heads’. Do we punish others for our feelings, or do we perhaps behave differently than normal?

I know I’m so guilt-ridden about debt right now I’m allowing a lot of crap I normally would never allow, like example A above. Color me having a wee-bit of wilting-flower syndrome. The same could probably be said of my kids behavior toward me as well–them kiddos sniff out any weakness and capitalize, I’m sure of it! I’m being a carpet, and while I feel guilty as everything, this is getting ridiculous Amanda.

So what is it that you tend to do when you have something on your mind? Are you total jerk to everyone, push everyone away, get clingy, shut down…? What’s your projection?



  1. I can completely relate to this post and for me it kind of depends on what is going on. I could either take the frustrations out on my wife and kids by finding one little thing wrong when I get home :(. Or I am sure I have shut down from time to time as well. I guess good or bad I always realize it a while later as I am not normally the person to get worked up over things as it doesn’t really fit my style. I just wish I could catch it ever time before but I know sometimes it slips past my mental compartments of work and home.

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