Mighty Torn

Have you ever taught a teenager to drive? Good Lord have mercy on me, I’m teaching TWO! It’s terrifying people, with a capital T. It’s a moving death machine-a vehicle-if you think about it!

Patience has never been my strong suit, neither has “stupid”, so I’m batting zero right now-especially with my daughter. She’s the worst driver. And what’s really bad is she’s eligible to get her driver’s license next month and fully expecting us to take her to get it. We’ve already made her wait an extra six months…thank you bad grades. She has a job interview tomorrow so she will need to drive to it if she gets the job. Heavens-to-Betsy I’m about fit-to-be-tied. Should I or shouldn’t I even allow her to get the license yet? I’m mighty torn…




    1. Wish I could comment on your blog directly but I can’t remember my dern login for WordPress right this minute. Loved the interview article, I definitely might have to check her out! Thank you for the ping back friend.


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