Evening Coffee

So my youngest daughter is really into her favorite “you-tubers” and vloggers. She follows a few and even spent some of her birthday money on her fav’s branded merchandise. That stuffs expensive, just sayin…)

So we got to chatting tonight about all of the different happenings in the vlogger world and the question came up – “if you were to vlog or even blog-what would you say or do for an audience of unlimited depths? Every day or every week? Wait…. isn’t that what we all do here? Ha! I’m a blogger, duh! Now she thinks I’m cool. Who knew an internet presence of any sort would deem me cool in my 12-year old’s eyes? Ha!

That being said, it’s time I get back to diligence with writing and posting again. I miss visiting each of you in your neck of the woods too. So, hello again WordPress, I’ve missed you guys!



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