You ever turn the Tv on and just watch it on mute with only the subtitles on? Dude, I do this All. The. Time. (When I watch tv). I don't even know why I do this. Don't get me wrong, it's on full sound during Game of Thrones and Outlander (counting down my days until the season premier, just sayin)…but otherwise…

How weird is that? Maybe it's because I'm not in the space to be able to sit down with a book and read for a few hours, but I really just want silence for as long as I can get it to decompress, but yet still have some mild entertainment factor. But, for the record, I still think this habit of mine is coo-kie.

Anyone else want to chime in with your funny habits? I'd love a laugh tonight…



  1. I have begun watching the news again…except the sound is turned off and old rock and roll is on my cd player blaring away full sound. It somehow makes the news more palatable. I seem to remember doing the same thing during the Viet Nam war, come to think of it. Must be my second childhood.

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    1. Hahaha–do you have subtitles on the news too? I can’t handle the news personally, it’s SO. Flipping. Negative!! It seems so very much like “head in sand” but seriously, I get enough negativity in life why would I elect to add more to my daily consumption? Anxiety attack on channel 2! (Although it needs to be said I get a lot of positive in my daily life too, so not being a pessimist)


  2. I have the same habit. I love peace and quiet. Even for a few minutes when I find myself sitting alone in the stillness and the dark of the quiet that envelopes me. “Mute” is my favorite button on my remote. And yes you’re weird.


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