Best friends are, well… the best. I happen to have the bestest one ever. And she's struggling right now. No hardships or anything like that, but truly some emotional self-reflection and re-evaluation of the relationships in her own life. Not that for one minute did I make her situation about me as I did the BFF perspective thing OF COURSE! But here…here it's about me…so I thought I'd do some self reflective work of my own in the same vein.

  • I work from home.
  • I've now moved an hour north or northwest of the majority of my friend camp.
  • I'm broke so dinner, brunch or shopping trips to meet-up have been axed.
  • I now work on the weekends waiting tables as a side job in addition on Friday nights, Saturday nights and Sunday middays.

I'm so lonely. My husband can not be my only adult live body in my life day in and day out every day. It's so not fair to him, not fair to our relationship. It isn't struggling now or anything but after a long time of this and there's bound to be some resentment build up. Not gonna happen.

I did meet up with one of my very dear friends at a winery down the street from my house (we'll expand on that incredible statement later) a few weeks ago, with a packed picnic and we purchased bottle of wine and sat on the lawn of the vinyard and talked for hours -geez what an amazing time I had.

And last night I had dinner with my Bible Study group ladies to kick off our next semester. What a lovely time I had and I'm so excited to get back into the Word. Just really, really wonderful and amazing women!

But that's the extent of my social interactions since February. Only my Bestie has seen my new house and we were both so tired that night ended early for the thoughts of our own pillows and lateral positions….we talk every day though on her commute home from the office, I love those conversations….

So, with working close to 80-90 hour weeks and being flat busted, how do I possibly make time to nurture the relationships in my life who don't include my husband and kids? I haven't quite figured that out yet. And it's making me kind of depressed. I'm so social by nature! This cannot be my MO for much longer.

Any ideas from my friends here on how to get into seeing my friends with my limited time and budget… I'm all ears…???



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