Moving Mountains

My brain hurts. I mean really. It hurts. And I'm a bit worried because everything just kicked into high gear-like, from zero to 60 in two seconds flat. Whoa where did that come from? And so, my brain overload really has crappy timing right now. Ohhhh, if it weren't for the internet being all public and for the small fact that I (for some reason lost on me today), used my real name on this blog, I would spout about the pains and chains and the source of my drain-but alas I'll have to save that for my journal.

A girlfriend of mine told me about how proud she was of me for where I'm at in my life today, and it really made me so reflective on just how much I've had to hurdle.

We each have our own hurdles don't we? Be it health issues, prejudice, money, situation, losses… it can be anything really. Anything that pushes you to almost or even past your breaking point… my breaking point is going to be different than yours or his or hers, and theirs different than mine. It doesn't make any of them less hard to cope with or overcome or persevere, it just means it it was a different looking mountain.

Move your mountains! (Even those that you build up for yourself to have to move).



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