I’m gearing up

Right this minute I’m enjoying the quiet of the moment. One whole week without kiddos and then an additional two without my first born-who will still be in France. (Exciting but I miss that girl already….). One whole week where I still have my weekends free… I have to get my stuff straight!  I feel like one of those collapsible nurf balls that’s flat right now and needs to be opened up to my true circular and efficient shape. Circles are efficient, right…? Or am I looking for my tightly wound ball that just keeps rolling and rolling until she hits the curb…? Hmmm…
See, I’m driving the bus, yup!  But, He’s my back seat driver and I have finally opened my ears back up to hear Him. Truth–I’ve been out of gas for a minute….ignoring the gas can and just turning up and tuning into the radio playing only those songs that I like. 

BP? Or just me? I’ve hit the ALL STOP button since we moved into our new house. My health, discipline, focus, drive, all the things that make me me when I’m on fire…just…stopped.  I do that. It’s a total sabotage. I can’t help it. I hate it about me. Easy right? Just “don’t stop, stupid”. I wish it weren’t so B&W in Amanda-land. 

I like chaos, it gets me in the zone. I am a force when I’m in the zone. Like a boss. Time management is the key-if I manage my time productively then I conquer. It’s when I have idle time to play with that I get all “I don’t need to manage my time” and all the brakes engage like the whistling air on a semi truck.  

Managed Time:

God? First and foremost, as I should.

Food? I will take control. 

Running? I will put it back to the pavement. 

Scale? I will beat you. 

Work? I’ll will (still ) own it (I never lose this zone thank God)

2nd work? I will bank it. 

What’s your zone-how do you get there and stay there?  Mount-up!!


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