New Adventure & Challenge

I took the plunge and was hired for my second job yesterday. It’s just part-time waiting tables, but I’m excited–yet nervous about the challenges on my physical self working 90 hour weeks at my 9-5 and grueling a 7 day work week for a planned long-term future.  It will be a difficult adjustment for sure!  

What are my primary reasons for this adventure? Couple of things. 

1. I’m a very social person. I soak up life forces of others and people’s goodness just feeds my soul.  Working from home is awesome, I wouldn’t change a thing, but it does have just a tiny drawback-it’s lack of physical proximity of humans. And I’m an extrovert-not really made for life without people.  

2.  I have long-term financial goals that are pretty seriously important to me and our family. An extra $1000/month give or take will make a HUGE difference in our bottom line.  And when the goldendoodles start having puppies, I’ll be debt free in less than 3 years (minus my student loans but those won’t too be far behind). Debt free….imagine the security in THAT.  The thought makes me giddy.

3.  We have 3 kids, 2 of them teens. I have cars to purchase upcoming up fast, a set of braces, sports, camps, activities–it add$ up fast folks. I’m sure some of you know the feeling well. 

My husband is really not in a happy place about this.  I knew he wouldn’t be-it’s a pride thing AND a worry thing. Here’s the deal, I went to school FULL-TIME for 4 years straight and worked a full-time job. It was rough but I did it. This is not going to be nearly as bad as that, I can handle this! 

I start in about 2-3 weeks, since I have obligations and a foreign exchange student until first week in July. 

Wish me luck!



  1. Wow, that is very ambitious but I wish you the best of luck as you have good reasons for finding and working this second job. I have heard people before say one downside of working at home is the interactions with others and hopefully, this will be a good outlet for you now. Plus the upside of putting some extra coin in your pocket isn’t all bad either as I know too… Kids are expensive :). Hope everything else is going well and again Good Luck!

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  2. Your post surprised me. I will pray that God shows you HIS WILL for your life now. You may not want to hear this, but I’m guessing that your priorities you set for you and your family are way ahead of what God’s priorities might be for you. Was this second job and seven day work week the result of sincere prayer with God? Or did you, on your own, think it was a good idea? I can tell you from tragic personal experience that heading into this without concurrence and support from your husband is a mistake of Herculean proportions. How often do you think your regular job and it’s already stressful and time-pressure demands may interfere with you being able to break away from it to wait tables?
    So you went to school four years and worked full time and you think this is not going to be as bad as that? How many kids did you have when you went to school and worked full time? You have three now, Amanda. What happens to them when you spend 90 hours a week away from them? It sounds like buying them cars and putting more cash on your “bottom” line is more important than being there for your family during these critical teenage year.
    I was already praying for you and your stress level and continuous state of exhaustion and having no down time for yourself with your regular job.
    I guess you figure all this you plan to do and not have any interference from BP. You already know the stress and anxiety of the extra work and the extra time away from your family will cause you more stress and anxiety, even without considering what ANY interference from BP might do.
    It sounds to me as if your goals are motivated solely by money and the world’s idea of success. I don’t know of a single Bible character God demanded a 90-hour work week for. In fact God’s idea of success is resting. Resting in Him and allowing Him to do His work through you according to His will and purpose for your life.
    In my view, you’re making a huge mistake and if you pursue it, you’ll reap negative circumstances on the road to there you never anticipated.
    I would prayerfully urge you to stop in your tracks, get with your husband and you both pray for God’s guidance and will for you now. This plan of yours will crash and burn in toxic regret if you and your husband are not both in agreement on this decision. His support for you is more important than your plans, which, to me, at this point appear to be without his support and God’s blessing.
    You know I’m not going to sugar coat my responses. I’m giving you my take on your plans because I consider you a dear friend. I couldn’t say, “I think that’s great and I wish you luck.” I don’t.
    My opinions and $1.25 will buy you a Caramel Macchiato at QT.

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    1. Oh boy, that was a doozy response. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I do. But let me be clear, I HAVE to get this second job. We are in the red every month when we continue to tithe. I have no choice since tithing is not something we’re willing to adjust. We’ve been careless with our debt obligations and thus find ourselves in this predicament for the immediate future. My husband is not happy with it but he does support the need to have to do it-he just feels bad about it is all. Not in a situation where he’s arguing it or anything. And he supports doing everything he can to take the domestic chores off my plate, which will help a great deal.
      I HAVE prayed and prayed and prayed about it. And this is the answer I feel led to by Him. It’s my sacrifice to make to continue to give in accordance. It’s that simple. I went to school with three kids, yes. I just graduated from grad school in 2015. My kids are supportive of this decision as well, they’ve been part of the discussions. A benefit of working from home is that I am able to see them a LOT more than when I was office bound. I also have my thumb on their lives in a way I wasn’t before. This will require my husband to step up a bit more, which is good in its own way. That’s not to suggest he wasn’t ‘present’ before but maybe responsibilities were a little weighed on me more than they should be.
      I am very cognizant of my BP and how this may try the balance of it. I just have to be tuned in to my body.
      I am comforted by your response and I feel your heart and it warms me my friend. Know that I do not do this lightly or blindly. ❤️


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