So I’ve written before about how the first 14 years of my marriage were not good. Not because I didn’t think they were, but because the reality was that it wasn’t good even though I tried to delude myself that it was all just fine. Valentine’s Day was just another day to have to squash the voices in my head telling  me all was not right with my world. 

Whatever, the point is this.  I now know the difference. 

I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that I know my husband thinks I hung the moon and looked like a pageant queen doing it.  I have never before felt so beautiful and so loved in all my life. This is it. This was what I longed for in my relationship because I knew deep down I didn’t have it – then. And after the hard battle fought and won, now I do. We do. I love this man more with every breath I take. 

It’s Valentine’s Day in my house every day now. From the check-in daily phone calls, the kissy texts, the silly time with the kids every evening, and the quiet intimate whispers in the night. 

This. Is. Amazing

I’d love to tell you that I wish it had been like this all the time the last 17 years, but that’s not really true. I wouldn’t appreciate the difference now, the depth, the passion, the meaning, the true partnership.

I share this with you because, well first I want to shout it from the mountain tops.  My Valentine!  But more importantly I want to reach that one person -maybe you- who might be fighting in your own battle field right now, that it is possible. I swear it. If this marriage could surpass all that it did, and land where we have, I promise you it can happen for you too. 

Keep fighting. It’s worth the victory. And here’s a tip – when you get it, keep fighting

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your amore.  Now I am going to say goodnight to mine. ☺️



  1. What a romantic post! I loved it. It’s so great that you were able to fight for your love and win! Very inspiring. You two are so fortunate to have wanted to make it work even during the tough times. I hope this post inspires others as you stated to fight through to the other side! It is worth the fight or the wait to find True Love.

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