Evening Coffee 

As I wind down from a very busy weekend-although not busy enough considering all we still have yet to do-I’m thinking about my blog family and how much I miss all of it. I haven’t written anything in my journal or here in way too long. Although I will say I wrote a big long post last week and the dang this just disappeared!  At any rate, my creative thoughts just seem to be something I can’t touch right now, totally elusive. As if I just don’t have the capacity to be out of machine mode. 

Sleep, Do, Eat, Repeat. 

It’s okay, I’m not complaining. It’s all good. While mucho busy at work, and a little trepidatious about all of the changes still to become evident, it’s going really great. Had some interesting challenges last week and I can positively say I handled them like a boss. Had me saying BAM! at the end of my week, because sometimes I know when I just achieved ‘rockstar’ about something. But working 60 hour weeks right now not the best timing in the world. 

I’m just shy of 10 days from closing on my very own house. 10. Days. One more hurdle with the lender tomorrow or Tuesday and we get our clearance to close. Little nervous about it because my husband may have made a bit of a mistake opening a credit card to get a massive discount on a purchase at Christmas time-needless to say he had no idea you’re not supposed to do that while buying a house.  It was just a tiny purchase so let’s see if we can just get a nod and pray we don’t have to go back through underwriting. Prayers please? We could lose our contract if that we’re to happen so really really hoping here.  

Being as busy as I have been in a very long time, I have to say I find myself a bit disconnected from the world. My friends, my church groups, my bloggers…totally have fallen off the grid these last several weeks. For that I say I’m sorry and thank you for all for patience and understanding. Man, I need a beach-very soon…

So as I predicted, change is the word of the 2017 year -at least so far. My vision board looks like it’s very close to having two of this year’s achievements already checked off. How great is that?! 

Did you ever give a vision board a try? How’s it going, do you look at it every day and remind yourself of where you’re going this year? I want to hear about it…



  1. Loved your post! So understandable with all you have going on. Moving is one of the most stressful things we do in life. So good to hear that you are making progress on your Vision Board – cool. Your post gives me a mental image of the guy on stage who is trying to keep seven plates spinning in the air balanced on a tiny poles. He has to keep running from one side of the stage to the other to keep them from falling. Does that sound like you? Ha!

    Sorry to hear about your Hubby’s “oops”. People don’t appreciate all that is considered before granting a loan. I heard of a guy who bought a corvette the day before the close on his house, thinking it wouldn’t show up on his credit report in time for the bank to know – WRONG. The deal fell apart. Don’t worry, you will get through this! We are all pulling for you guys!!!

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      1. Ha! I know how stressful it is to close on a house. Just keep trying to relax. You might enjoy the following tracks on Youtube.com from David Lanz – Cristophori’s Dream and Whiter Shade of Pale. Turn out the lights and listen to these. They should help with the high adrenaline. Enjoy Valentine’s Day.

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