Evening Coffee

What a whirl-wind the last 6 days have been! In some ways it feels like weeks since we went under contract on the house, and in other ways it feels like we have too many weeks to go yet. I am a walking anxiety ball of “what ifs” and relieved to be able to say that, so far, it’s been pretty smooth and positive. My last hurdles are getting out of underwriting (1/30) and the appraisal-which I’m not too worried about that one. But man the 30th can’t come fast enough! Riding the “what if” train pretty hard regarding the underwriting… I don’t know why I’m so nervous about it, my mortgage broker and seemingly everyone else says I have nothing to worry about. But, what if…

Whew-this buying a house thing is stressful!

After this is all over I’m certain I will have some reflection on how I grew as a person having gone through this emotionally wearing time. Ha!

One thing is definitely sticking out in my mind though that I’m super excited about—making new friends! I will live in a neighborhood (sort of) again and will have neighbors! Who I can meet! And be friends with! And share coffee breaks with! Or borrow sugar! And that my kids can hang with their kids! Hey, I work from home now so this is super important to the social bug that is ME. Don’t laugh but I am actually planning to send a photo’d postcard to al of my neighbors introducing ourselves and offering up an open house of sorts for people to come say hi. Yes, I’m serious. I mean, what is the alternative, door to door knocking to say “hi I’m your new neighbor, wanna be friends?”  The postcard will sort of do that but invite others to meet me on their terms…. good idea, terrible, or somebody call the weirdo police on my blog friend Amanda??? My husband thinks I’m whack-a-do. But it’s not just me I’m thinking about, what if my neighbors have kids my kids’ ages and they get to meet new friends in their new town too? That might be even the most important part. 

So all in all there’s my progress. Getting more excited every milestone we get through. But this is definitely going to be a long month.

Now, back to packing g and figuring out where this stuff is going to go in the new house…



  1. Amanda, what if your new neighbors are all bitter left-wing protest-active radicals? Or angry empty-nest Muslims who hate children? What if no one comes to your housewarming? What if the day after you sign the contract and move in, a water main under your house bursts and floods the neighborhood? What if your moving van crashes into a tree, plunges over a cliff and burns up the truck and all your furniture?
    One thing about “what if’s” is you can wax creative with all the bad things that “might or could” happen.
    We know from statistics that 80 percent of the things we worry “might or could” happen (all those “what if’s”) never happen?
    But, what if they do? What if all the bad things we imagine “might or could” happen to us actually happen? Where would we be? What would we do? (Are you seeing where this is going?) Whether they ALL happen, of NONE of them happen, we know Who loves us and has the perfect plan for our house? He’s the best Real Estate agent and broker of blessings in the world. As you’re deep diving into all those “what if’s”, remember who ALWAYS works things out for your good and His glory.
    Blessings on your move, my dear friend. I can’t help you pack, but I hope I get one of those postcard invites to your house warming. EVERYthing will work out just the way He has planned.
    My dear friend, your life and adventures are become grist for some good FHG posts.

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    1. Glad I’m giving you great fodder! I know I am definitely trying to let go and let God. Some days I’m successful, some days I’m not lol. Yes the vicious cycle of “what if”-it has some creative liberties for sure. And I see your points for sure. Thank you for the love Steven!

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  2. Hey, congratulations on your daily progress. The what if’s can really get you frazzled. Best to stay away from them as much as possible. One nice thing that you might want to focus on is that there are alot of people that are invested in you getting your house! That will provide them with motivation to make it happen. “One Day At A Time, Sweet Jesus”! Great song – Good motto. Humming might help? I’ve always found that happy people hum or maybe it’s humming makes us happy?

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  3. And what-if no one read this and even commented, including me. Where would we all be? Somewhere else with our own what-if’s. 🙂 So glad to read this post. I’ve been through the what-if’s and still do sometimes, but I try to focus on the positive. Life is too short to worry about something that may never happen.
    As far as the neighbors, I love your idea. I remember a time when neighbors used to welcome new ones into their little world. But things have changed so much. I also remember a time when we didn’t lock our doors. They were always open because we felt safe. I still feel safe in my world but I do use more caution. I wish you well on your new adventure. I look forward to reading more about it. 🙂

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    1. Yes I’m making myself a wee sick, I will be honest. Just trying to hold on until Monday when we’re supposed to find out for sure. Thank goodness I’m busy at work haha! Glad you don’t think the neighbor note is cheesy, lol. I know people don’t leave their garage doors open anymore when they get home so you can wave and say hello. Have to find some way to get in and say “hi wanna be friends?” Hee hee.

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