New Adventures

We are officially under contract for our new home!

Not to sound like a pessimist, but anything could happen between now and February 22nd so until then, I hold my heart and excitement at a cautious arms length. 

But, oh boy oh boy here we go!  



  1. Congratulations!!! Yes, there are things that could happen but don’t let anything like that get in the way of your joy! Hope this turns out better than you had hoped.

    Be sure to get this place inspected by a home guaranty firm so if there is anything that needs repairing the owner will have to do it and not have it be a surprise to you. Your agent should be helping you take care of this.

    Well, you are on your journey to becoming a homeowner (again??) Keep us posted.

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    1. Yes, again. It’s been 7 years since we owned our own home so we are very excited. Yes that’s why I said anything can happen-we have to get the inspection and appraisal and secure the lender. Lifting up prayers and crossing all fingers and toes lol!


      1. Ha! Get the kids to help with the fingers and toes thing! Owning your own home is an important goal and creates a great feeling. Pray hard, we will!! Have your checked out “Pink Noise” for better sleep? They say it helps. I found this that I think I will try to keep me from waking up wide awake at 3 p.m. – Sound of rainfall in the woods. They say don’t use earphones.


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