Saturday’s Visions

What a lovely day today has been! As I sit here and type blurry-eyed and exhausted, I still feel revved up enough to write about such a (mostly) perfect day.

The day started at 5am – hey look I got to sleep in! – and believe me when I tell you I was sluggish and sore from yesterday’s workout. I had forgotten to take my medications last night so I hurriedly took them this morning and wondered how it was going to affect my day.  

I ran my first 5K of the year, and admittedly a run of any noteworthy distance in AWHILE. Yes I do Crossfit 4/5 days a week but running 3.2 miles in a stretch is not usually on the workout of the day. I was very happy with my time-I met my goal almost exactly and kept very similar pace each mile.  

I rushed home right after and picked up my husband to drop him off at his boss’s house for a boys overnight up in the mountains. When I say (almost) perfect it was because of this ride over where my husband proceeded to chew me out again for the house being a mess and the ever increasing need for me to be more stern and with dishing out consequences for to them when they don’t listen to me to do their chores. It’s a record I’m sick of hearing skip so I shut my trap, tuned out, and really tried to hold my temper. So yeah, damper on my mood but I shook it off as soon as his crabby self got out of the truck. Editors note: he has since been blasting me with love texts. He must feel bad about being a crab…

Then I proceeded to Atlanta to a dear friend’s house to her Vision Board party. Apparently this is something she does every year and apologized profusely that she has never invited me before. But I’m So glad she didn’t forget this year-I had so much fun! 

First, it was warming and uplifting to be around her family and other friends that are rooted in their Godly faith and were a warm bath to my own spirit.  I always feel good when I’m around them so it was just awesome to be in a closed space with them for four hours straight today.  

I shared that I really just didn’t know where to start, that I hadn’t really wrapped my head around what my vision for 2017 looked like for me. So my dear friend and her sister talked about how in previous years they chose a “theme” to kind of encompass the year’s goals. I thought that was perfect and thought long and hard about what exactly my theme would be, “change” doesn’t really have a good pin point to me. Momma bear helped me out and we came up with “Forward” as my theme. We are moving forward with a lot of change and movement in our lives (literally too) so I thought it was perfect to help hone in my vision board’s premise. It just so happened I was able to help her sister out with her theme this year, “Level Up” as she is aspiring to take her personal growth to a new height.  So see how a theme can help you design the premise of your board? 

We all proceeded with our craft items and magazines collected over the years, to help shape our desires into a visual context. Some folks had poster board, I had my cork foam board.  And, although I still have a few things left to shape, here is my vision board as of today:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

I love everything about my board and what it will say to me every day to keep me focused on my visions for 2017. It is up in my office already, as that’s where I spend the most time. I will make it a point to read my board every day. I highly recommend the process of creating a vision board; its contemplative, revealing, and an inspirational experience. It’s fun, too!

Just a side note for all who felt 2016 was a bad or troublesome year – Momma bear also pointed out to me that “6” is man’s number and “7” is God’s number, so 2017 is bound to be a good one. 

The rest of my day has been filled with kids errands, ball games, dinner, a much needed shower, a glass of red, a moment with you, until I finally say good night. A good day indeed!
I hope you might take some time to create your vision “board” – it could even just be a sheet of paper with all that you hope for yourself this coming year. Put it in a place where you will see it every day and remind you of where you see yourself and what to pray on. 



  1. So, THAT’s a vision board. Very challenging and motivating. How interesting that you made a day of it with good friends. I know that was a good time. And you “slept in” till 5. WoW! Thanks for sharing and I’ll look forward to hearing reading more and soon! God bless, dear friend. You are truly amazing and you motivate me to do my best at what I do. That’s one of the more salient things I admire about you.

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    1. Thank you Steven! I am inspired by you as well, and I can only hope I give at lest a nugget or two here and there to others too. My body said “oh no you’re not getting out of this bed until 8” today, lol!


  2. Loved your post and your vision board and how it came to be. Great that the Vision Party helped so much! When I saw your board I guess it touched a chord with me. Love the theme. I was looking for a photo of “The road ahead” and a one of a sailboat sailing out of the harbor toward the open sea – silly me. Thanks for taking the time to share with us!!!

    My wife solved that “crabbing” with her late husband in a snap with, “Well, if you don’t like the way I do things you can always do it yourself”. I think that might have been a very clever preemptive shot over my bow in our early days. Also, my Ex solved the “consequences” problem with my girls. She posted a list of chores as the consequences and posted them on the fridge and crossed them off as one of them chose a consequence instead of following instructions . It worked great – put cleaning the toilet at the top of the list. When she ran out of chores she had them move firewood from one spot in the yard to another just so she had a “consequence”. I’m glad your hubby “saw the light”!

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    1. I LOVE the consequences list! I’m absolutely stealing that one for sure. Starting today! As far as my Vision Board, I didn’t spend a lot of time on my ‘career visions’ for this year so I am going to focus on filling the left side a little more with this. I have to get a clear sight though. I’ll post an update when I get it complete. I suggested we have a 6mo check in on our Board ‘party’ to check things off for those of us with ‘lists’ and to see how our visions evolve as the year progresses. That’ll be fun too I think and everyone agreed. Thanks for the great ideas dealing with my current challenge with the kiddos!

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      1. I’m so glad you liked the Consequences List. Trust me it works, if you stick to it and be firm. You could end up with a lot of help with laundry, ironing and dishes. No need to steal, its a gift – paying it forward! We found the principles in the book “Dare to Discipline” (maybe your library has a copy) a life saver in dealing with a strong willed child. A follow up sounds great for your Vision Board. Hope you keep up with the Daily Post’s – Daily Prompt. It has really been helping me start making a habit to write everyday. Love your posts – You go Girl!

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