Evening Coffee


This is a word I’ve never felt really applied to me, as much as I want it to. But Pinterest makes you believe you can be creative though. As we search for a house I invision all of the things I hope to do in a house we call our own…repurpose furniture, build pallet benches, stage clever herb gardens, paint and stencil rooms… I can’t wait!

We made an offer on a house yesterday. I don’t know what’s up with our luck, but seriously this is the 2nd time a seller (for sale by owner, yuck!!) has countered their offer with a number much higher than the asking price. I mean come on, if you want to walk away with a set amount, make sure you ask for much higher to negotiate from. What kills me is that we offered his exact asking price! But since he has to deal with my agent fee he’s upped the sale price on us.  Idiot doubled the agent fee amount he’d have to pay; She gets 3%-he’s asking for for more than 6% in the price and offering a sneeze in closing costs.  We can afford much more than his counter offer, but the principle of the matter is we very well may have to walk away from this deal just to keep from getting screwed over. Because he walks away with his asking price, agent walks away with her 3% on a house I found, and we –what? Draw the short straw to shell out an extra $10k on a deal that started at the finish line price in the first place? That’s wrong – we’re being wronged. You don’t sell a cucumber for $2 and then when you get to checkout tell your customer they owe you $3.50. 

The offer we made was solid, very fair, and with no contingencies. Ugh, I’ve had to keep from crying about it all day long.  We countered the counter with a firm bid, much higher than the asking,  and he has it and is “working the numbers”. Good, at least he’s thinking about it instead of a flat ‘no thank you’. Please say yes please say yes please say yes…

I find myself thinking back to Steven’s post about when God closes a door, don’t keep banging on it to open. I have to be prepared to walk away from this house – this wonderful house – with the understanding that it just may be God’s door closing. This is not where we’re supposed to move after all if it doesn’t pan out in our favor. Prayer warriors, please add me to your list! Just for just ‘peace’ with it all.

I’m anxious, I’m frustrated, I’m stressed, I’m nervous — and I find that I will be whether we get this one or not. (Even though I really want this one).

This whole house buying process, until the day we actually close on one, will have me in stitches until then, I guess. It’s funny, my husband has always been the one who handles change poorly, not me. I’m always like roll with it. This time it’s me freaking out and him saying roll, it’ll all work out.  I can’t believe I’ve stayed level through this but am starting to feel the threads of crash starting to peek at unraveling. I do not want or need an episode of cycling hypomania and hypermania right now. C’mon meds, keep doing your job.

So as I sip the last of my cuppa I am cautiously hopeful this seller will see he’s walking away with just a smidge under is asking price and sign the agreement after all. A little hope, but hope nonetheless. 

And words of advice for those who want to sell by owner-if you know what you need to walk away with, ask for much higher, you’ll increase your odds of actually getting it and avoid buyers walking away completely pissed off and devastated. 

For the second time. No, let’s pray for not the second time…



  1. I know how frustrating buying and selling can be and I will be praying that God will give you patience and the seller will give you a YES!
    I’m anxious to hear the rest of your journey.😃

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  2. Sorry about your rollercoaster ride on the anxiety express. It’s no fun dealing with For Sale By Owners. They aren’t worth dealing with. I love the quote, “When the Lord shuts the door don’t keep banging on it”. Good advice. Don’t be afraid to walk away. Don’t chase it. Searching for a house is like dating. It’s best not to chase someone – or a house. Good luck!

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      1. Yes, it is true and just as stressful. Try not to be too desperate and anxious about house hunting. It is crazy making, I know. I looked at over 25 houses before I walked into a house that whispered “welcome home” to me. It was a new home and one of the last the builder had. We offered $15,000 less than what the builder asked for and the agent just laughed and said, “I’ll submit this but don’t hold your breath.” Well, lo and behold the builder accepted it and when we sat across from the agent to sign papers she was really miffed and said, “If I had known they were going to sell this that cheap I would have bought it myself!!” It’s hard to be calm when you are house hunting but it pays to listen to your gut. As said below – Don’t buy any $3.50 cucumbers! Hope things turn out per your wishes!!!

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  3. Dear Amanda, I have never paid $3.50 for a cucumber. Don’t be misled bye inflated cucumber prices. My prayer for you and Adam is that you remain on the same page through this sometimes treacherous sometimes exciting and always weird house hunting experience. I’m shared with you before how frustrating and anxious and discouraging and disappointing house hunting contracts buying and selling can be. I hope your meds help you avoid any hypomania. You will do fine. And the house God wants you to have will work for you if you let God be in charge of the process. You are on my heart and in my prayers. All the things you’re excited about doing will come to pass. But you can’t paint a room you don’t have. Save the drapes and the wallpaper and the stencils for the house you and Adam will soon call your own. By the way, I finished my last cup of Jo for the day hours ago. Sorry. XOXO

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    1. That would be a sorely over-priced cucumber huh? 😜 Adam and I definitely had some heated debate about our numbers yesterday but we both ended in the same page I think. Yeah I have to let go and let God here absolutely. Thank you for always thinking of me and keeping me in your prayers! Same here my friend. All of the exercise is helping keep me level so hopefully that will continue as I continue working my butt off at the gym. As far as the cup of joe- I’ll have one in spirit with you in a few hours 😁


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