What a word filled with promise… hope… longing…

What an appropriate word for an event that I will be partaking in this weekend. A girlfriend of mine is hosting a “Vision Board” party. How fun is that?

I had plans to make myself a vision board about, I dunno, 8-9 months ago. I bought a cork foam board and printed a single picture of a cross on the horizon that I particularly love and pinned it in the middle of the board.  I wanted to be sure God was my central focus in my vision board. I hung the board with my 3M strips up in my office where I always am, and had all of the intentions in the world of filling it with visions of my intent. Even bought special push pins. But to this day it remains empty except for that single photo. So much for my vision to have a vision board…

So color me tickled to have a party with my friends to help inspire my own inspirations! What better way to plan for my year than with dreams I can see every day that keep me focused on my goals.

Vision Board or not, don’t let your somedays be “what ifs”. Make them real, make them happen. 




  1. A Vision Board. I like it. I have heard that the mind works to accomplish what we think about and visualize? “Someday” to me that word covers a lot of ground depending on context and infliction. I can just visualize Robin Williams saying it in about 10 different ways. Let us know about your Vision Party.

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  2. Vision party. Never heard of that. Heard of a vision statement, and tunnel vision. And we know that without a vision the people parish. Vision party. Hmmmm. I want to know more about a vision party. . . . . . . . Someday.

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