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So the house hunting is in full force. Earlier this week we found the weirdest, coolest, most interesting house I’ve ever seen. We made an offer and agreed to terms. Before the seller signed the agreement today, we bailed. 

Thank. God.  Let me explain… 

We are a family of 5 and this was primarily a 3 bedroom house. The property had four buildings all connected by decks and bridges. It had a 3 br main house-a bit aged and in need of a lot of cosmetic work, a 3 level pool house, a bathhouse with an indoor pool, jacuzzi, and sunroom, and a two-level shop. Sounds awesome right? And it is. But the reality is we needed to do a lot of renovation to make it livable for the 5 of us, including building a master bathroom and closets in one of the rooms in the pool house to make it a master suite we could live with. $$$. And it hit us, the three buildings besides the main house had no HVAC. $$$. And a lot was riding on the appraisal. Even our mortgage broker didn’t know what to expect after he visited the house. All in all, waaaaay too much for the money we were about drop and the little we have in the bank compared to what we would need to drop didn’t compute. 

We had moved fast because this was prime real estate in a prime spot. It has only been listed just a few hours before we were on it. But when the offer had been accepted I felt this HUGE weight of stress hit me. Huge. Thinking back on it, it was like God was telling me “no no no”. It was a good thing the seller’s Internet was down and he couldn’t sign the agreement in time. God’s hands. 

I am so excited about the prospect of owning our own home again, yet terrified of it all the same.  New chapter I guess. Change is always scary, and there seems to be a lot of it over the last couple of weeks. Personally and professionally. 

2017, you’re kind of starting off on the wrong foot, just sayin’. Let’s re-direct, shall we?

How’ everyone else’s first week of 2017 going?



  1. Great story. Sounds as if God is in the details. I tried to follow the link to make a comment and received a 404 error. Thought you would like to know.

    In Jesus’ precious name Steven Sawyer stevesaw@gmail.com http://stevensawyer.wordpress.com/

    On Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 10:39 PM, The Road to There wrote:

    > Amanda posted: “So the house hunting is in full force. Earlier this week > we found the weirdest, coolest, most interesting house I’ve ever seen. We > made an offer and agreed to terms. Before the seller signed the agreement > today, we bailed. Thank. God. Let me ” >

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  2. Intuition is a wonderful, blessed, stop, look, and listen amenity that comes with accepting that we are indeed spirits living in human form. For you, using it in this case is a super power. My 2017 started with the dropping of the ball. I’m simply mindful of living my highest and best life right where I am right now. I haven’t had any huge decisions to make, because like the winter season I just allow myself to rest. It’s Speech and Debate community judging season, so I just do that for a couple of months. It’s a blast. I sit back and enjoy young people developing their communication and leadership talents. I also clean up my technology. Last year is gone. New Year is here. I take stock during this time, and just be.


  3. Interesting that you and our daughter (my wife’s, to be exact) are going through the same process, at the same time and with the same type of experiences. It pays and is very wise to listen to that inner voice in your heart, or your gut. I have paid a heavy $$ price for not listening to that feeling my wife gets when we should stop or run! Glad to hear that you dodged a bullet. With a family of five not being “House Poor” needs to be near the top of your list??

    Loved your post!

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    1. Oh nail on the head-I’m terrified of being house poor (again-we did that once). Yes I have learned the very hard way to listen to my gut every time now, it has always been right even when I sadly didn’t listen to it before. Sending luck to your daughter too!!

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