2016 Reflections & 2017 Resolutions

As we embark upon the New Year, I have to take a moment to reflect on my life.  I know, I know, cliche and all that, but really – we all should do it from time to time, what better time to do it than now when everyone else is doing it? Bridge, jump, whatever…ahem

It’s a wonder what blog life has done for me.  I am not as devoted to my journal, so really having a log of my diary here in WordPress takes me aback sometimes.  I will go back and read myself from time to time, to see what I was feeling when, and I am always surprised by something I wrote.  I guess that’s what you get when you have to hit ‘post’ before you’ve re-read your words because you know you’ll scare yourself out of posting in the first place if you do.  So many drafts to prove it, just sayin’…

I reflect on my words about where I was going into 2015, one of the most pivotal years of my life…

…..I met 2015 with a battered heart and a lack of faith in myself, really walking adrift and aimless at the beginning. For most of 2013 and all of 2014 my sole focus was on my marriage and keeping the kids oblivious to the turmoil. With the dust settled, doors closed, and new foundations being constructed by the end of 2014 I took a look in the mirror last New Year’s Eve and, while I was hopeful, I was damn tired. Drained. Like being shipwrecked at sea, and then swimming in the ocean for months and months and finally making it to the shore, success!, but no more gas in the tank.  Know what I mean?  I didn’t have a sense of direction, let alone a plan for my personal goals and growth for the year ahead of me.  I couldn’t even tell you what those were…

Despite my wrecked arrival from that island, I managed to lock, load, and execute a LOT of positive change in my life in 2015.  I came broken, I fought hard, had a lot of faith, a little luck, and by George I conquered.  And with no known drug addictions to show for it HA! There are days when I applaud that fact, considering…

I am not sure I topped myself in 2016, but it was definitely another year filled with positive self-growth, special family growth, and deeper spiritual growth.

After I finished grad school in February of this year I thought I’m free! What will I do with my time?  Well, it was clear my health was a priority at this time so the mission was to up my game. I did. Running, now CrossFit again, admittedly I do have to get back on the nutrition discipline again, since I’ve waned from it a few months ago. Resolution right there-did you miss it? 

I have asked for some pretty ambitious placements at work and pray that I can accomplish what will surely be set in my path. I continue to seek growth, to actively identifying my purpose and passion and go after it with tenacity, sprinkled with a little patience as well. 

The first day of the year is full of rest. Family time to the hilt–naps, no chores, boob-tube and Netflix binge watching, polishing off the leftovers, and all the while staying in pajamas. Tomorrow we will tackle the enormity of cleaning house and gearing everyone up for a fresh start to tackle getting back to the real world the next day.back to school and back to work with fresh momentum. 

So, when I look in the mirror on Tuesday I will ask myself what I will see. What will I do? What do I want and how will I do it?  I want answers, goals, and a plan of action in place to achieve all that I am setting out to do. I will write about those soon, for sure. 

What are some of your resolutions? Was 2016 good to you or did you have more turmoil and battles to fight to make it through? Let’s resolve together to make 2017 the best year yet!



  1. I don’t really make New Year resolutions. I just keep focusing on my highest and best. If how I am living isn’t serving me, I ditch that way for a better way. I live simply, which doesn’t leave me feeling deprived. I have enough. I thank Him every morning, and many times throughout the day. I realize I can’t control everything, so don’t try to control more than I’m able to. At 61, I have learned to take smaller bites, and chew!

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    1. I need to take note, I’ve never been able to accomplish taking smaller bites and I NEED TO I just simply do not know how to operate that way. I’ve tried. I just need to focus on upward movement this year, in all areas of my life. That’s all I can do, right? 😘

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      1. Amanda…you focus on what serves you best. If you intuit that you are on the right track…full speed ahead. By the way, I’m looking forward to reading a post about the house of your dreams one day soon!!!

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