Holiday Spirit-Where Art Thou?

It’s the holiday season! Decorations, parties, gifts, food, sharing, laughing, loving…

I literally bought my Christmas tree two weeks ago. Two weeks! And it remains undecorated, unlight, just watered, in the lonely tree stand in my living room. 

I have purchased one Christmas present so far. And it’s the 10th of December! I have no idea what we are getting our children this year except for my son who vehemently wants clothes and only clothes for Christmas. Boring.  But do I have any better ideas…? Nope. 

Every time I walk into a business they’re playing Christmas songs and I hate to admit it but they’re making me itchy. 

And lest we forget it’s been in the 60’s weather here in GA up until this weekend! Where the devil is Fall??

I had a big to-do Christmas party to go to tonight – masquerade ball and everything. The whole shebang. I have the gorgeous dress, shoes, hair dressing… much to my husband’s relief I decided I really didn’t feel like going. I’ve been looking forward to it for months! But, nah just not feeling like going to the trouble of getting all dolled up and driving to and from Atlanta today. I’ll take a nap instead. 

So here I am. Looking at my naked Christmas tree and the ticking calendar, dressed in my yoga pants and sweatshirt instead of a cocktail gown…feeling like a total ba-humbug.  

Where oh where has my spirit gone?  Is working from home for a year and a half now starting to suck the social aspects of life out of me? I go to the gym and don’t try to talk to anyone. I go to my kids sports games and talk to other moms then, but practices-I’ve just started dropping them off instead of staying to socialize with the other parents. I’m busy-I have stuff to do during those two hours! Apparently decorating my Christmas tree doesn’t make it to the to-do list…

Is it because we’re so actively looking for a house that I know it could be any time now that we are moving, so unpacking all of the Christmas decorations is futile? But truly, even if we found a house tomorrow we wouldn’t close until January at the earliest, so surely a little holiday spirit in the house now is not in vain…

I just need to get vested into the holidays in my head! What’s wrong with me? And clearly I’m not alone, as my whole family seems content to be the same way. Kids are not shopping for each other, and they don’t seem to care that there’s an empty Christmas tree sitting in our living room either. I need to find some way to infuse myself and this family with some holiday cheer!

Any ideas on just how to do that? Besides decorate the damn tree, of course… 



      1. Watch just one St.Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital commercial on TV. If you’re not teary eyed and full of a spirit of gratitude for the grace God has showered on you, then the Christmas spirit just might pass you by this year. I CAN NOT BEAR TO SEE CHILDREN DYING. Just sayin’. For me, in years past, the Christmas spirit has been about what I can give to and share with others. This year, my good friend, I’m right there with you.

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  1. I totally understand you! I am in the same place and the only reason my tree’s lights are on, is that they’re built in 😛

    Don’t worry, the spirit will probably catch up with us!! If I catch it, I’ll try to save some to rub on you 🙂


  2. You’re definitely not alone Ananda. My tree only went up a couple of days ago and today I’m just trying to console my daughter who’s devastated over her break up with her boyfriend. Ho ho ho! Things have to pick up hey?

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    1. Oh no, that’s terrible news! That has to be so hard, especially this time of year! I’m so sorry. Yes things are good here honestly, just not in holiday mode at all. Hopefully very very soon.

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  3. One of the animated Rankin-Bass Christmas gems from my childhood contains a song that sings, “Put one foot in front of the other. . .” Santa Claus is Coming to Town maybe?? It’s good advice though, right? And if you follow that advice, will you please let me know if it’s working? I’m not exactly all Jolly Old St. Nick myself yet either. I’m not not there at all, but am feeling pretty fake it til you make it right now. We’ll get there. We will!

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    1. We went Christmas shopping today with the kids. We got the tree strung with lights at least-no time for the ornaments tonight but Tuesday for sure. I listened to the Pentatonic Christmas playlist as I was doing it and starting to feel a little festive now that I have some Amazon orders under my belt. Getting there…


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