Hello my lovelies.  I vanished for a couple of weeks didn’t I? I have been adjusting to a whole new schedule and I’ve been incredibly busy to boot. So what’s been a-goin on?  

So for about a month now I’ve been getting up at 4am every morning. The first couple of weeks it was to stay on top of my workload.  I have a doozy of a client right now, and I so can’t wait to have this project behind me. Not until at least mid-January…sigh.

I have also started back to CrossFit.  And I realized that one, the 4a-630a hours are the only free hours I have every day without fail and two, believe it or not it’s waaay easier for me to get up at 4am than it is for me to get up at 6am! So weird. So put the two together and I’m now at the gym by 5am, four to five times a week. 

What all of this 4am craziness means is that now, I’m crashing out at like 8pm-in bed no later than 9pm and dead asleep in a wink. It also means my house is a disaster and I’m behind on laundry, but I can only adjust so much so fast…

Another big thing going on in my life is that we’ve been house hunting! And in fact, just put an offer on a house today. So say little prayers for me this works out (the seller doesn’t seem motivated at ALL, so we’ll see). The prospect of moving makes me absolutely nauseous. Like, physically ill. I really do not exaggerate, if I think about it too hard the bile starts to rise. Ok, enough thinking about it now…

I miss the blogosphere!!! I want to know how everyone is doing – my reader is way too long in the scroll. 

I will not be vanished for long, I just have to adjust is all. Thank you for your thoughts!



  1. Pfiewwwwww… A lot going on all at once, Amanda! Take your time (lol, what time, right??) We’ll be here waiting 🙂 My best thoughts for the house! I really hope you get it… And I to.ta.lly understand that feeling about moving. I HATE moving, it is the worst torture ever for me!

    *big hugs* xx


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