The “talk” has been had. And my husband amazed me.

One thing I have come away with for this is that he was more upset that I’ve endured this burden alone. He was concerned and disheartened that I underestimated him and had not come to him sooner to share our situation – and worse, made myself sick in the process of holding this like a secret hell for a couple of months. 

God. Is. Amazing.  I was not going to tell my husband until tomorrow but I felt the strong pressure from Him to lay it down tonight. So I listened and I did. And I am so relieved that I haven’t been able to stop crying for an hour now. As I type the tears are falling. 

I feel lifted and free from my self inflicted chains. I’ve prayed and prayed and prayed in thanks to the Lord for this mercy and grace. I know I can step into this forward walking His path now and not mine. 

It goes to show, if you’re enduring something you think is monumental and impossible alone, you don’t have to. Don’t underestimate those that love you to support and hold you up. Most of all know, He alone will hold you up when you are at your lowest low, if you trust Him to do so. 

Don’t endure alone. 



    1. Me too! I can’t believe it truly but he was incredibly graceful and made sure I knew that HE knew that I didn’t spend the money alone. Amazing man of mine. I do not give him enough credit I think. He deserves much more in this phase of our life now, he truly does.

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      1. I often feel the same way about how amazing my husband is. I try the best I can to show him just how much I appreciate and adore him but it never quite feels like enough. I’m just so happy you found someone who truly is a partner for life, not just someone to be with.

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  1. What an amazing testimony to the power of God and His grace. And what a testimony to the power of love so evident in your marriage and loving relationship with Adam. And probably the best part of your testimony is the lesson you learned about sharing burdens with others who will love and understand, even when we think they won’t. THAT is the power of God when He’ in the middle of a relationship, and your marriage. Thank you for sharing. I know your words today will touch the lives of all who read this.

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