One Nation, Under God



  1. The Brotherhood of Man sang a song called “United We Stand” back in the 70’s. This song popped into my mind when I read your Wordless Wednesday post. I rushed over to You Tube to listen to it again. It’s been awhile, but it almost choked me up much the same as it did back then. There are many who feel that “our backs are against the wall” [part of the main lyric] right now. I feel if we as a people of the United States hang together, we can make it together. Ouch! Who wants to fall anyways?! I just hope people recognize they don’t want to “really” fall either…unless it’s forward. Let us UNITE and quick!!!

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    1. Exactly! Whether “the candidate” won that we wanted or not, the end of the day we have an elected president which we must unite and stand behind as a country. I hope more people understand that because a divided country is vulnerable.

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