My my, hello Sunday night. I have to say, I wish it weren’t so, but what a weekend it was!
It’s an amazing thing to watch your child have once-in-a-lifetime experiences… breathtaking, really. 

My oldest daughter has been a die-hard Supernatural fan since she was old enough to watch it.  She bleeds for this show, I swear. So for her birthday back in January I bought her tickets to ‘SupernaturalCon’ here in Atlanta-which was this past weekend. She’s been anxiously counting down the days for nine blessed months. I made a joke that she was officially ‘in labor’ as we trucked through Atlanta traffic for two hours to get there Friday night, since they were having an impromptu karaoke night party for free with general admin ticket holders. Thank heavens my best friend’s sister lives smack in downtown Atlanta and graciously let us stay with her Friday night, or I’m not sure I would have done the trip twice. 

It really could not have been a better weekend for her. Well, I guess it could have for a whole lot more cash up front, but still, she should have played the lottery for her string of luck during this event. To sum it up she had a ton of ‘moments’ with several of the actors that play on the infamous series (lots of hugs, autographs, singing on stage with them during karaoke night, an answered question from her ‘top three’ star, and cherry on top with her favoriteist star – who wasn’t scheduled to be there that night but made a surprise showing – making eye contact and pointing to her while singing on stage). I captured a lot of it on video (what I was allowed to) so she has proof she didn’t dream it all, lol. She came home with some memorabilia she had saved for, and I did melt and buy her a couple more things too. What I really paid for were extra experiences like an autograph, a photo-op, and tickets to the Saturday night special event.  When my husband an I caved on that one I snuck out into the lobby to get 2 of the LAST 5 tickets left. Whew that was close! 

All in all it was the perfect weekend for her, one I know she will remember forever. And I couldn’t have been more excited for her.  As a side note, I’ve never been to a ‘con’ event and I was very impressed with how engaging every cast member was with their fans, truly. This is a BIG series, currently airing their 12th season and no real end in sight yet, so pretty high profilers, right? Not a single one pretentious or not genuinely there for each fan. As a consumer, I was really pleased. 

I know I’ve talked about how we don’t have much money these days but this was an experience I couldn’t short-change her on. I didn’t go all out, trust me, but I did up the anty a little bit. Worth every penny. I can buy my kids stuff all day long every day, but I couldn’t buy her the moments she had this weekend.  I could only hope for them and make it a little easier for her to have them. 

So it got me really thinking about life, those things in your past that you remember most. Experiences. Good and bad. What made you feel overwhelmed with excitement, joy, or even grief or hurt? The money you spent may be in the equation, but if you think about it, it’s usually at the bottom of the list. So am I cringing a little at the extra little bit I spent this weekend today? Yes, but that’s my burden not hers. She is basking in the joy of her weekend.  And I am basking in the joy of hers. 

What was a fun experience-filled event in your life that you’ll never forget? 



  1. That’s a wonderful special memory for your daughter. For me pure excitement and joy-11/3/12-the day my son’s marching band won their state championship and every time I see one of my kids (both band) play music. It’s worth every bit of time and money invested.

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  2. Ah this sounds so lovely 🙂 I’ve been to a couple of comicon events which are always so much fun. I’m sure your daughter will, as you’ve said, cherish that memory forever. Take care.


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