We’re Having Twins!

Ok so a little updating is in order. 

On Wednesday night I posted a truly heartbroken post about having to put down our very sick and declining puppy. Again, she had been in the puppy hospital for two straight days, couldn’t walk, and was in pain and just getting worse. 

Well, miracle of miracles we woke up on Thursday morning to a walking, “I’ve never been sick!” puppy! Thrilled out of our minds – yet cautious about her health still -we of course had a stay-of-action on calling the vet for that. I did call the vet and take her in for a quick check and to take her IV line out.  Still, all of us cautiously optimistic at this point. 

So, here we are in Saturday and she’s still doing well. One thing does have me nervous though, I’ve noticed her front leg and back leg that were swollen early in the week are shaking and oddly turned when she stands. The final diagnosis is she has an autoimmune arthritis (crazy long medical words I can’t remember off the top of my head) that essentially was onset by vaccinations. Yup! Extremely rare, but she can never be vaccinated again (how I will find a groomer is beyond me) and we can never breed her. And, I have no idea what her quality or longevity of life will be. For now she doesn’t seem to be in any pain and just a normal happy puppy.  


Of course I called the breeder we got her from on Wednesday when we realized we were going to have to put her down. Breeder immediately offered my money back or another puppy. We said we wanted another puppy, whom of which I will be picking up tomorrow. Yes you guessed it, I’m now in a really difficult spot. Twins. Not what I signed up for. But what the heck am I supposed to do?  

The vet offered to take Maddie, one of the nurses said she would gladly take her home and assume all responsibility for her medical care there forward should she make it or not. And the vet would also be able to closely see how to care for a dog with this diagnosis, as she had never seen it ‘live’ in her whole career and could study how it affects a dog and best ways to maintain their health. I thought very hard about this. But…I can’t just give her up! She’s my daughter’s puppy! And I love her!

Reality: I paid this much money for this kind of  purebred, top-bloodline dog because our plan is to breed her. Four-legged member of our family of course, but honestly a few litters of pups will make a huge dent in my student loan.  And let me mention again, Maddie cannot be bred, it will be very dangerous for her health. Ok, we won’t breed her, no problem. But, my $3500 investment is toast if I don’t get the other pup from the breeder tomorrow, one that I can breed in a couple of years.  I hope that doesn’t sound cold to anyone, but I’m being truthful. 

So. Twins. Because having puppies is a lot like having babies. Anyone who’s had a puppy would definitely agree. And there’s that, I’ve never raised a puppy. Now I find myself having to raise two at the same time. And two large dogs to boot! Color me a bit freaked out. Double potty training, double chew training, double obedience training, double vet bills (and no idea what Maddie’s vet requirements will be from now on). 

Twins. Oh my. 



  1. Wow! What a turn of events!

    I totally understand how you can’t give up Maddie…. My former kitten, Cissy came from a breader too, and we discovered she had MAJOR heart deformities that reduced her life expectancy to about a year (we stretched that to 4 and a half years…. Love performs miracles!)

    The breader offered to take her back and “replace” her… But I just couldn’t let the poor kitten go. It cost us, we couldn’t leave her alone very long and she had to take medicine everyday, but we loved her so much!!

    We now have Freja, and the little monster was given to us by the breader, in compensation for Cissy.

    Good luck with the twins 🙂 It’s going to be alive at home, that’s for sure 🙂

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  2. Amanda, I can completely understand where you’re coming from about the breeding issue. It isn’t cold hearted, especially considering the bond you formed with the puppy even for the short time Maggie was with you.

    The fun thing is though that twins are playful, not to mention they won’t get lonely. One of the reasons I am glad my girls were born close together, they have a forever playmate until they hit their teen years. Unlike kids though, dogs tend to bond and stay bonded with eachother, so you have that to look forward to at least!

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