Hurting Heart

I’ve alluded to the fact that our 10 week old puppy has been very very sick and in the vet hospital for the last 2.5 days. She seems to be able to stand and walk a little during the day but not for long and then lays down in wimpers of pain. She’s keeping a fever steady. Trust me I’ve thrown the credit card at this hard, running every test, X-ray, sonogram, bloodwork, anything that could possibly identify exactly what’s wrong in hopes the prognosis was treatable. We think it’s an autoimmune inflammation caused by the vaccines. Irreversible. 

It’s with that knowledge, and also watching her clearly suffering in front of us, that we make the very difficult choice to have her put down as soon as we can to stop her suffering. 

The sweetest princess of a puppy ever, she stole my heart in just two weeks! My canine angel will meet her heaven soon, and I am beside myself.

My sweet Maddie baby


  1. I won’t “like” this post… it would just feel wrong to do so. But I am sending you and your family my warmest thoughts! Having to make this hard choice for a beloved pet’s own “good” is hard enough, with a puppy like Maddie, it must be devestating!

    Big big hugs… I hope you’ll find “some” comfort in the fact that she won’t suffer anymore. It isn’t much, I know, but at least you know you’re doing the right thing for the poor puppy!


  2. I didn’t feel good about “liking” this post either, but there’s not a block for “I’m so sorry for your loss.” Amanda, it’s been five years now since we put our sweet dog Bo down. But, like you, putting him down ended his suffering. Bo had been with us for 14 years and was as much a part of our family as we all were. The day we took Bo to the vet and put him down was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He died in my arms as we all lay together on the floor touching and holding him. I left the vet’s office and wept. Not cried. Wept. Hard and from my soul. I’m so very sorry. I know that loss and the void you’ll feel. I’m praying for you and your family as you endure this painful, sad ordeal. I’m so sorry. I’m grieving with you.

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  3. Oh my gosh, the amount of pain that filled your words and entered my heart as I read this post. As I write this I am literally choking back tears, but I can only imagine the immense pain that putting your sweet baby down has caused you. My most heartfelt condolences and sympathy are with you, Amanda.

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