Evening Coffee

See the featured image? That is my new, very, very pretty coffee cup!  Handmade pottery mug from NM! Gotta love Etsy and a good friend to gift you!

My cup should really have this saying on it this week though:

I need more brain power for work. No kidding, I like, need to be a sponge right now and I am literally looking at my screen(s) like a glazed-over zombie who cannot. understand. words. Lord, let me comprehend the words tomorrow…or I may very well be back to 3a-9p stretch days for a bit again until I do. 

So what’s new in the neighborhood? Hmmm…Well my very sick puppy – who I thought would not make it through last night – is doing a little better. But she goes back to the hospital for the day again tomorrow. Hopefully a full recovery in her future. So relieved but not out of the woods yet. So say little prayers for my princess please?

I’m totally behind on my personal life and really, I have no excuse. House is a wreck, checkbook in havoc (did I mention my sick puppy who has no pet insurance? Yeah… very sick checkbook too), I’m not sure what the status is for my oldest on her school work, I need to start running again, and… I imagine the list is longer but, see above image…I has the dumb.

“I can, I try, I will! I can, I try, I will!”  I keep saying it but the synapsis aren’t firing or something. All I hear is the cheerleader in the front with her pom-poms shaking and me having the overwhelming urge to just duck-tape her mouth shut. Is it just me? Yeah, probably. 

Sleeeeeep! We should all get more! And on that note, which was short, sweet, and random – I will diaper the pup and fling myself into the pillow and make a snow-angel in the sheets for a minute before drifting into dreamland. 

Sweet dreams to you and thanks for sharing a cup with me tonight!



  1. Oh dear, praying for your sweet puppy and some decent, restful, if not long, sleep for you. Enjoyed our coffee together. I’m finishing up my last cup with you as I write. I’ve had a hectic, helter-skelter day and I’m tired, so I’m hitting the rack with my hydroxyzine pals in a bit. Then it’s all over again tomorrow. Hope you have a blessed day with a minimum of hectic.

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  2. Oh, Amanda, I hope your poor little pup is going to be okay. I can relate to the sleepless and not-getting-anything-done feeling. Maybe it’s that time of the year when we’re all on overload. Take care Amanda. Oh, by the way, nice cup, enjoy!

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    1. Thank you! She did well through the night-even snuck off from the little ‘home hospital zone’ we created in our room (because someone *cough-husband, left the door open when he got up with her) and went to sleep in my sons bed, which is her sleep spot of choice. So that’s a very good sign considering she couldn’t walk yesterday morning! I was just mentioning to Steve about ‘seasonal blues’ and wondering if folks have it right now, because you’re right so many folks I know are kind of ‘behind’ on life and feeling shabby. Hopefully we get settled into Fall quickly! Hugs!

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      1. I hope so Amanda. And I’m glad your pooch was able to sneak off for some quality sleep on your son’s bed. Harry does the same, he starts off in his own bed then sneaks off when he thinks everyone’s asleep to join my daughter!
        Yes, let’s hope the blues disappear soon. I’m in need of some sunshine. Hugs back to you Amanda. xo


  3. I looooove the “I cannot brain today. I has dumb” mug… I think I’d start drinking coffee just to have it lol Don’t get me wrong, coffee lovers out there… I love the smell of the dark liquid, but nothing will do, my tasting buds just won’t let me appreciate its taste. I try year after year after year, at least once or twice, and it still makes me make funny faces! Someday…

    My best thoughts for the little princess, and I hope you get some time to rest!!

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  4. I absolutely love your new mug, Amanda! It is so vibrant and pretty! My heart goes out to your sweet puppy though, as well as you. It can’t be easy to deal with, not knowing whether she will make it or not. The good thing though is that she is showing improvement, that shows she is a fighter. ❤

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