What a Monday! Back from a week off of work, it was a mind melt, for sure. But it was a great day –  I recieved an award! It’s a terrific program at work that we have called a “wingman award” where peers can choose to nominate their fellows within the organization for being, well…a good wingman.  To nominate someone you have to be pretty specific and detailed about exactly what and why you are nominating them.  I was one of the winners this quarter! I was totally floored and so happy-not really because I got a bonus (although that was great too), but more because it made me feel like I am finally able to be a support too, rather than just having to be support-ed because I’ve been new. (Really, you’re considered “in training” for a year here and I’ve been here for a year and a half).  What an amazing feeling this is! And not only do I feel super stoked to be considered valuable to my colleagues at last (as they are so dang valuable to me) but it couldn’t be a better feather in my hat for some ambitious aims my sights are set on. Let’s just say this timing couldn’t be better.

So that brings me to another train of thought. I finished my Master’s Degree early this year and for whatever reason my mind said finally, you’re done! But really you never really are done learning are you? Especially when you’re trying to get ahead, there’s so much more personal development needed and the constant evolution of your skill sets required.  Whether on the books or not, if you’re not trying to better yourself (and help others) then what’s it all for? 

I don’t know… maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, as they say, or I just see the pie in the sky…But it all comes full circle for me on this purpose and passion Road to There. Driving my own bus. It’s personal. It’s professional. It’s my life.  

Even as curvy as this year’s road has been – sometimes on cruise control, maybe a little bit of idle, but mostly – I’ve been driving myself forward. Pushing my limits on all counts. Well, I think I’m speeding up right now-for a little while, at least. Let’s see what I’ve got under this hood ๐Ÿ˜‰

Even if you don’t know exactly what it is or where the next turn will take you, are you pressing the gas pedal towards something bigger, better, more wholesome for you? 



  1. AMAZING! Congratulations, my friend. What great accomplishments you’re racking up; and after such a sweet intimate week of fellowship and love with your kids! And then, you get to work and discover: a) you’re considered awesome by your peers; and 2) you’re getting a bonus! What if you win the lottery today too?
    There’s a reason the pie is in the sky. People can’t fly. So it will always be beyond our reach. As much as you’d love to accomplish, and learn to fly, I hope you’ll remember to always be grounded in your relationship with Jesus and remember that He is the source of all our good fortune. Great Monday, Amanda. And I pray you’ll have many more “feathers” to stick in your cap along the way. I’m grateful to know such a successful friend grounded in Jesus. God bless.


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