Alas the vacation is officially over and it’s back to the real world again in the morning. Oddly enough I feel a sense of comfort in the routine of things to commence. 

I enjoyed my Here and Now with my children this past week immensely.  I had some real quality time with them and was able to see and feel the connection I have with each of these beautiful people I am raising. I know I ask myself all of the time if ‘I’m doing this right’ but I seem to be assured at this point I’m – so far – not royally screwing it up. My relationship with each of them right now is everything I’d hoped I would have with my children. 

With you, I am home.

I missed my husband so terribly though, not just his presence but the fact that these were memories that were being made that he didn’t get to be a part of. In a way it felt selfish, but mostly it just felt…like a piece was missing. I know it sounds crazy but I am glad it felt that way. Once upon a time, not so long ago but eons ago, it wouldn’t have felt that way. And for the zillionth time and for a zillionth more times, I say a prayer of thanks to God for His blessing of my marriage today.

All of God’s blessings, period. My cup runneth over…

I journaled a lot after I came home from my trip. Much occurred that I was affected by (remember my mom and aunts came too) and has further opened the windows of reflection of family relationships.  I wish, often, I had kept my blog secret from anyone that knows me so I could truly write about some things that I really really want to write about. I have, for the most part, kept it anonymous but some family members do know and occasionally read this blog of mine.  So it’s best if my pretty linen paper be my only outlet for these areas of my life. Ah yes, and lest we forget my therapist too 😉

But I can say this, the expression Home is where the heart is has never felt more true after this week. And my heart is truly happy to be home. May yours swell with love at your place called home too. 

Have a great Monday y’all. 



  1. Amanda, love this post. I’m so grateful, really, that you had such a marvelous time connecting and loving with your kids. Those times are special and we NEVER forget them. I’ve got a bunch of those memories tucked away with my kids. And, I’m making new ones now with my two precious granddaughters. You are truly blessed. I’m always eager to hear from you especially when your news is so glorious and happy. Take care, my good friend. And God bless.


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