Here and Now

3 days and 9 hours. That’s how long until I’m in the driver’s seat loaded up with my kids and stuff, driving my car to a condo on the beach for the following five days. 

I am looking so forward to reveling in the ‘here and now’ of my entire experience. Savoring it like the fine wine it is, this time with my family. The only hitch in my giddy-up is that my husband won’t be with us this time, but it makes for a good opportunity to just have some ‘mom’ time with my babes. Who are just all too soon going to be adults…  Fast forward just two and a half short years and my first-born will be a legal adult. And even that will flash by like the shutter of the camera lens.  It certainly makes me stop and wonder why it’s taken the better half of their childhood to realize that I need to stop and gobble up every moment.  Why do we do that to ourselves-forget what it means that this is only a small span of time that we have before we set them off into the world?  

This is what I would have written to my younger self about if I could. Don’t squander it or take it for granted. You don’t get this time back! Pick your battles, don’t sweat the small stuff, and use your inside voice almost always. 

Here and now, that’s all you get. And it’s the good Lord’s will that you get it at all. Savor your here and now-whatever that is, wherever you are, and with whoever your with.  



  1. Savor the here and now. Yes! Absolutely! Live in the moment. For sure. Have fun! Find the joy and peace in each moment. There’s always something there to commune with. Be blessed by life. We only get the one. Teach our children how as well. They are the future in the Now!

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