Morning Coffee

That image shows a 10 am cup of joe and I assure you it’s 6am as I write. It’s Thursday, that feels like a Friday, but I wish it were Tuesday because I need more days, and well ahh-Thursday it is then. 

This week is filled with massive to do lists-mostly development work. I don’t feel quite as near to tears this week as I did last week, so there’s a start. 

I am very excited I get to have dinner tonight with a few of my old colleagues from out of town who are here for meetings this week. I love that they shot me a text that said ‘hey girl get your boogy over here and let’s catch up.’   Many of the pals from the office have said the office has lost its spirit since I left and it just hasn’t been the same. Part of me is really touched that I had such an impact on folks and bringing them together, part of me is happy that they miss me and stay in touch, but part of me is sad that they lost the something when I left that I tried very hard to cultivate and nurture when I was there. The office morale and people-to-people connection. I’m good at that – never knew until I was challenged with the task. “Transplant all of these displaced departments together into a new building” they said. I saw that bringing them together, especially as nerves and morale were so low-having been dealing with the pending acquisition for over a year -was mission critical. No one knew what was happening or to whom or when an axe would fall. That’s cause for high stress for sure. 

I took it upon myself as a priority to make the office feel like a home and enforce that each person was important and positioned an environment that would forge new friendships with each other. Of all of my responsibilities and accomplishments this was the one I was most proud of. I brought people together, made them feel welcome and safe, and generally made their day job a bit less sucky. It was never the task that was assigned to me – I just did it because I knew it needed to be done. I was so effective the executives took serious note of the shift-and these guys weren’t even in this office. London, Canada and New Jersey, but apparently word spread. And productivity went UP. Who knew. 

See, just one little ol’ person can make a big impact.  

I love my job now, and don’t get me wrong I love working from home immensely! But my colleagues are all over the globe, my team all over the states. I try very hard to make connections through IM and phone calls, but I do miss the face to face camaraderie too. I think that’s why I’m so excited to ship out the personalized gifts I got for each person on my team this week. It’s not to buy their friendship-it’s to make a tangible connection to the people I’ve grown to care about and who have so amazingly supported me as I’ve grown and learned and struggled. (Still struggling, obviously-this is really complex shtuff).  It’s my way of saying thank you and it makes me happy. Giving thoughtful gifts makes me happy. You know how you feel at Christmas time when you are all anxious and excited about the perfect present you bought your loved one? That’s what it feels like. It’s making a difference in my morale-which is not low by any means but I am stressed that I’m struggling.  

So off I go into my office to tackle some more learning and hoping the light bulb comes on a little brighter today. 

Whatever you’re knee-deep into at work or at home, have a great Thursday y’all! And don’t forget to pay it forward today if you see an opportunity. 😉



  1. I wish I had your skill set. I work in a hospital where everyone talks behind each others backs and then acts fine when face to face. It’s annoying. They argue about mundane things and to be honest if we could all just work together the days would go by so much faster and better.
    what is it you do?

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    1. That is never good – I don’t understand how people do that as grown-ups, seriously. Fortunately I was in a position where I had a good bit of cart-blanche and a good bit of clout. So I changed several policies, mandated participation in certain activities, and then gave the staff something they didn’t get before – fun and rewards. One of the biggest things you can give a person is acknowledgement and appreciation. If you point out when they were rock stars. When you tell them so they take pride – also when you point it out in front of a group, by nature the group sees that person as a little more important. Now how they react to that is another story (some see it as a threat, some will see it as ‘hey, he’s contributing to the team more than I thought he was’). I tried to apply procedures that would require more than one team to contribute to the tasks, pushing them to work together and build relationships. If you’re not in that position to make change, my best advise is be the change. You don’t have to be a boss to give someone an ‘atta-boy’. And by the way – you don’t have to like them to do that either. When you’re in the situation where you hear the catty jabber, try to participate by talking about something nice about the subject who’s being talked badly about-or analyze why they may have done A, B, C. “maybe she’s having a tough time at home, I know she said her mom was sick. Maybe we can help”. Not easy to find those opportunities, I know-but when you can do it. You’d be surprised how much it can make a difference. Everyone has beef all of the time, big or small people crave drama. When you can redirect it and shift its perspective, you alter mindsets and dynamics. And you will see, people will begin to come to YOU for those things, advice, an ear – they want to vent but they also want your perspective. Especially if you keep anything and everything to yourself. At first it’s a tight-rope to walk, but it will become a bridge eventually. You’ll see. Hope that helps…

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      1. People tend to gravitate to me. Apparently I have a good listening ear and a comfortable shoulder to cry on. Unfortunately, I am just a bystander to these negative conversations. My desk is the main desk so naturally people come by me and have their conversations. I’m new to the unit I am on so I don’t know much about anyone at this point. But I like your tactics.


  2. Such an inspiring story, Amanda. What is your job anyway. You’ve talked all around it but we don’t know what you really do. By writing such inspiring stuff you ARE paying it forward with each post like this. Take care. Thanks for sharing. And God bless.

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    1. Ha! I am an Implementation Project Manager for the biggest software company in the world (I think biggest..) Anyway, I configure systems, train the clients on those configurations, and get them to launch point. When they buy a suite of products I have to know them, configure them, and train them. So right now I am drowning in some very complex product additions that I’ve never implemented before. So I am trying to learn a whole lot really fast. And I just happen to have 5 at once. It’s not IT, it system solutions (not unlike ERPs if that makes sense).

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      1. Ok. Facilities Manager GA Ops, Fleet Manager, Program Manager. I also administered travel and expense, contracts policies and systems (hence my job now). I was also the events and meetings planner (internal facing, not customer facing). Executive support. Project Manager. Lots of hats and a glass ceiling. Ultimately I was so effective at implementing efficiencies that I ‘efficiencied’ myself out of work beyond simply isolated projects. My monsters were now well oiled machines, and there was no other area that I wasn’t already touching that needed my skill set. So, I didn’t believe I was valuable to this company anymore. And I had desperately wanted a change, more focused responsibility and growth opportunity. I told myself the next company I am going to work for is Concur and when the right position came open it was the perfect time and I went after it. That was two months of serious anticipation and prayers. Like you wouldn’t believe prayers-I felt guilty for all of the prayers begging to be chosen among the thousands applying. 5 interviews and 7 weeks later I got the best news ever! I was going to be working for Concur (an SAP Company). Been smiling ever since.

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      2. That resume is incredible, Amanda. I know how much responsibility you folks have. I worked for some. Very driven. Very results oriented. Very prone to burn out, though. I’ll pray that doesn’t happen with you. Sounds as if it won’t. Sounds as if you are working in hog heaven now. Take care of yourself first. God bless.

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