I was sipping my perfectly brewed cup of coffee and then, my son spilled it all over the end-table. C’est la vie, amore. So an un peu of a cocktail will do just fine for tonight, me thinks.

I am listening now to the thunderstorm raging outside, and watching the lightening flash through the skylights in my bathroom while the raindrops create a tuneless song.  From my quiet spot in front of my wall heater, of course. It’s a doozy out there-and I love it. Not that I need any help in this department (a la Ambien) but I sleep like a baby during storms. There’s something really cozy about huddling up under the blankets and listening to the rain patter. They even have apps for this kind of thing. I know because I have one (on my ‘must have’ app list). As long as my internet has not been impacted by morning come work time, I am fine as wine with a little thunderboom. 

Perfect end to a less than perfect day, however there was quite a bit of good from today so I am not pooling it into the ‘bad day’ category at all. Just a case of the Mondays. 

So my mind wandered and I decided to buy presents for my co-workers. I went on Etsy and got some custom gifts and I’ll ship them out to my team individually. Several have had life events that spurred my desire to do this. When I worked in an office I did this a lot. As things would happen I would get little trinkets for them to celebrate a new baby, new house, etc.  Because I want to. I haven’t always been able to do such things but I can now and it brings me such joy. And since I’ve been in a snarky mood tonight this made me feel good and shake that irritation right off. 

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before but I have an unhealthy addiction to Amazon.  No joke. I get a package every day. My mailman either hates me or loves me, right? And if I happen to not get anything for a few days I get itchy trying to think of things we need that I don’t have to run to the store to get, I can just have it delivered. School supplies? Over half off amazon, yes! Cheaper than the stores too!! Farm supplies, let me see…click! Done. It’s like My birthday every time that package arrives I swear it.  I have a problem, I’ll admit it (so says my husband too). 

So that’s how I say goodnight tonight. Think about what you might get – a little trinket that’s custom made or just something you saw that might brighten someone’s day…flowers, pretty napkins for your girlfriend, a custom frame for a sonogram picture… Just really engage in the act of giving a gift this week. Watch how it makes your day by making someone else’s. 



  1. Nice thought Amanda, have to agree that giving to others really does give a nice buzz. I love thunderstorms too, especially when I’m tucked up safely inside. Enjoy. 🙂


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