Ever Elusive


As I engage to write a piece inspired by this prompt I can think of only a single word:


Life is such a multifaceted experience that finding – and then maintaining – balance is a challenging endeavor.  Even if we manage to find it, it is oftentimes short-lived as new challenges and obstacles present themselves.  That wobbly beam has become tilted once again.

We each wear many hats in our everyday lives-wife, husband, daughter, friend, son, mother, housekeeper, employee, manager, coach, friend, sister, accountant, disciple, mentor, patient, caregiver…the list could go on and on.  The challenge is not simply holding each thing in the air at the right priority and at the right time, it’s also understanding how much self is dedicated to those things that do not nurture your soul. Because, let’s be honest, paying the bills each week might not fill your soul with passion and purpose. And I do say might because it very well may…perhaps because you’ve bought a sense of security by being able to pay said bills and still are managing to put food on the table too.  And security may be part of your recipe for balance.

The whole point of this concept of balance is weighing the categories of life against each other and honing in on those that fill you up as much as possible in the time span you have on any given day.

I read this terrific quote last week and am currently kicking myself for not screen-shotting it to use for this post. But I believe it went something like this:

Complaining that there are not enough hours in the day is as sensible as grumbling about the temperature of the sun or the diameter of plant Earth. Time is a fundamental aspect of the universe. There can be neither not enough nor too much.

Time is finite, a non renewable resource. Once spent it can never be lived again. Armed with that perspective, ask yourself if you are being made whole by the time you’re dedicating to certain things. Of course there are things in life that must be done, obligations that must be met. But maybe there are also little gaps that could be filled with more of those things that ground you and bring you joy, peace, happiness, fulfillment. I honestly think that is the key to the gateway for achieving balance.

This might be a good recipe for cooking up balance in your life, thought I’d share. Whatever your tips are (and please share) the ultimate goal and wish I have for each of us is that we find the ever elusive balance in our individual lives and we are whole, fulfilled and happy.

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  1. I could write for a week about getting and maintaining balance in life, but I won’t here. You have covered almost every angle of what balance in your life means. And your post pretty well covers many of its angles for the rest of us to ponder. You’ve inspired me to think of what balance means in my life. If you’ve made any of your readers think about balance in our lives, your post becomes wildly successful. You have met the single most important criteria of any writer, having something to say. Congratulations.

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    1. Thank you, Steven. That really truly means a lot to me! I think we concentrate on the concept of work-life balance too much, it’s too granular. I think it’s about more than work vs life, it’s about LIFE balance as a whole. And it’s certainly a challenge to bring a balance to it.


  2. Your statements about balance remind me to accept change in life as a way to correct imbalance. Timely advice for sure.

    I also have a WordPress question for you. Are the Blogging Meetup icons in the right column of your blog available as Word Press wickets?

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