Ohhhh But It’s Been So Nice…

I have literally spent hours upon hours in the blogosphere this weekend. It was sort of like a Netflix marathon…Working on my blog, reading, commenting, liking, and following other’s blogs, working on BMU, and researching through WordPress in general. 

Although I have suffered the evil laser-eye from my husband (he’s grown to seriously detest my phone and has made numerous threats against its safety) and well, my house hasn’t magically cleaned itself or laundry made it to the wash by growing legs, I’ve still enjoyed every single minute of my WordPress weekend binge.  I have the extra 3lbs on my rump to prove it. (Not really, but it is a bit numb). 

Oddly enough, all of this time spent and I’ve not written anything.  Goals, yes. But not actual writing. Ha!! 

Ok, back to reality-I must actually do some laundry now or said evil-eyed husband will have nothing to wear to work tomorrow…  

Have a good Sunday evening y’all. ❤️



    1. You know you can read all of your followed blogs in the reader right? It’s really a million times easier than email and you can read all of your follows that way


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