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Well, first off I went and purchased a new theme.  I do almost everything except Admin from my iPhone and I found that I would get impatient with my old theme whenever I was using a PC.  It was just too loud to me. I had been looking here and there a bit, but fueled by the BloggingU courses I’ve signed up for (and am committing myself to) I really spent some time in the theme previewer today and made the switch. Let me know what you think…

Well so…good Lord have mercy, you would think someone had told me I have a dissertation to write in 24 hours or something for all of the agony I’ve put myself through trying to define three goals for my blog… 

My first thought was “geez, I dunno I just want to write”.  I had a direction I thought I was going to take when I started this blog in February but, while my journey to discovering my passions and purpose is still happening, I have also filled my space with other personal insights that really have no context inside of said journey. But, is that really a bad thing since essentially what makes me me shapes the path I am taking?  

So the lingering question is then, what do I want out of my blog? Likes? Comments? Follows? Shares? New friends? Community? Well, yes I want all of those things. But why?  Mostly because I feel like I can’t be the only one in this big beautiful world who feels like they’re flailing through life right now and is unsure where their personal foothold is to be found. And that big, bold statement of truth lead me right to my three blog goals:

  1. Gain consistency in the frequency of my posts. Three a week, minimum. This goals aims to put me into the practice of writing and expanding my creativity. To actively pursue my passion for writing. And it keeps me moving forward with my journey – it can’t help but to do that if I am to write about it consistently, right?
  2. Double my followers by the end of the year. Simply because it may give me greater exposure to like-minded passion and purpose seekers, in varying practices and stages of their journey. It also will help me to feel like what I find along my own path may matter or help others too. 
  3. Spend an hour every day reading and commenting my followed blogger’s sites, and checking out other’s sites as well.  (I actually kind of do this already but I’m committing to it as a daily ritual).

As far as honing in on one particular thread of thought as a branding technique…well this is a personal blog with a ‘journal’ writing undertone. Right now I don’t think I want to change that simply because I want more followers. I write what I like and I like what I write. So consistency is really the key element to my listed goals, and that’s just peachy with me.  I’m looking for my footing in life and putting it all out there for the big, beautiful world to see.  I don’t know if that’s thousands of followers worthy, but I’ll keep writing either way. 



  1. I feel the exact same about the theme, but I would like to stay consistent, so I will leave it alone for now. As for your blogging goals. I too am aiming for those same goals. So good luck to you on your road to reaching your blogging goals ! 😉

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      1. I believe so… Im hoping I could reach and maintain those goals. I recently had a set back. I switched from WordPress to self hosting and lost all of my followers… So I am starting all over again 😩😩 lol

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  2. Howdy Amanda!

    I’ve only been writing my blog since Marc,h and I thought I had a dynamite idea, but now I find that I’m changing my approach. Things evolve.

    A goal of connecting to the community is a great goal. The community here is one of the greatest, most positive, supportive group that I’ve been part of. And, reading and commenting on other blogs is one of my greatest past times. I wish I had more time to devote to it.

    Good reading!


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    1. I totally agree with you about the community. If I was Oprah naming off ‘my favorite things’ I would definitely say WordPress. This is the best community ever and I am like you, I wish I could spend hours here everyday (today, it HAS been hours, but I can only get this kind of time on rare-very rare-occasions).

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  3. Great post and I think those three goals are great. I can’t wait to hear about the progress of each of them through the remainder of the year. In fact, it really makes me stop and think I should set a couple of goals myself for the remainder of the year around blogging as I do struggle in that area. I know I would do much better working towards something and making it more of a habit as I have done with other things. Keep up the good work and thanks for the inspiration this morning!

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    1. Thank you! The issue with it at the header is the color splot (the road swirl) has a white background not transparent so it looks yucky at the header unless I change it to white. Then the site looks weird…


  4. Hey you actually voiced out my thoughts! Themes can be so confusing at times. I have tried so many and nothing until now was perfect. However I found one that is really making me happy. I am looking forward to such interesting posts by you :).
    Also, it would be great if you could stick around my page and tell me what you think about my page. I could do great with your suggestions :).
    Hope to see you around.


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