Evening Coffee

<Disclaimer: free writing>

So do you ever feel like your week ran you, instead of you having run it?

That was me this week. It was as if I were running along-side a moving train, trying to catch it so I could jump in, but it was going just fast enough that I couldn’t grab hold of the car.

Random, out-of-place side note – my therapist genuinely loves how I always communicate with metaphorical premise.  My family thinks it’s either hysterical or worthy of an eyeroll for some odd reason.  I guess I do use them. A lot. 

At any rate, I think I’m now going to stop, let this train roll on by, ready myself for the next one, and go Dauntless on that sucker at first sight. (And yes, that was a movie reference..haha!)

I’m working my tukus off to get that promotion at the end of this year. But I have had some interesting clients these last two quarters that are seriously wrecking my metrics all to hell. Truly there’s nothing I could be doing to drive my projects forward and faster other than what I already am, without the consequence of an unhappy client – and that is just not my MO. When it comes to my life by day -my job – I am a boss. Not a people boss in that context, but well…at my last company they literally called me “the girl that gets shit done” behind my back. I took it as a compliment really, but I guess it was not appropriate to say it to my face..whatever. Boss…

So, referencing back to me asking my actual boss for a mentor on this new project because it’s quite a challenging one in terms of product design, I am SO grateful I did. Just a lot of complex product stuff I’ve just not done yet. Well this project/client is becoming its own kind of nightmare and it’s been so so so much of a relief knowing my very skilled and seasoned mentor would be handling it the same way and that I’m on point. Again, I require feedback from others-weakness, I know, but it is what it is.  Having her in my corner as a fly on the wall and telling me I’m doing a great job wrangling this client is truly a great comfort. 

And back to my week. I’ve managed to do a little free-writing this week. A few little nuggets came from them, but the rest is just so random. But the process, I find, is cathartic by itself.  My creative class that I signed up for was full so I start August 16th now. A bit of a blessing in disguise I think, considering the last two weeks of jam-packed chaos.  My house is such a mess right now…

For all of that chaos it was a productive week nonetheless, so at least I have that. I end it with emotional good-byes and a laundry list of obligations for the rest of the weekend. I will have some writing quiet time by George though. Looking for gold nuggets of insight and inspiration. 

How was your week? Did anything Big happen? Was it fast-paced or a (blessed) drone? Tell me about it, I still have an almost full cup…


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  1. My week was about as average as one week could get. My wife and I went with our daughter to take our six-year-old to her new school (first grade, and first year in a public school) seven minutes from our house. Do you think Granddaddy’s gonna be there a lot? Of course.

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