Hard to Say Goodbye 

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.

I’m really sad to think about the fact that in less than 2 short days my foreign exchange student will be flying back home to France. I have become very attached to this girl and can’t say that I’m not hoping like hell she really does return to us and stay for a year. She wants to and has told her parents that’s what she wants now. Apparently they offered that option to her to begin with but she thought it was better to come for just 3 weeks as a start. What’s more, she will have to find a different exchange organization to do it-she doesn’t think the one that got her here this time does full year programs. What if that new organization doesn’t operate here in Georgia? And honestly, if I were in her shoes, would I want to come back to the suburban town of Canton, GA?  Or would I go to New York or California, or someplace more happenin’ if given a choice? The whole point is to gain experience of American life and expand her language skills. Is a year investment really worth a stay here?

She loves us as much as we love her, of that I’m certain. And that level of comfort is appealing to her I’m sure, but what’s to say she wouldn’t find the same bond from another host family that just happens to be in a more prominent spot on the map? So the thought of never seeing her again brings me great sadness. I’ve bought all of these presents for her and created an amazing photo book of her stay, in hopes that she won’t ever forget us. I made a copy of the book for ourselves as well so we can keep a part of her in our lives too. I’m beside myself with wanting to give her the presents before Friday’s goodbye dinner as planned, but I’ll wait.

I can’t believe I cry every time I think about the fact that she is leaving this week. I can’t imagine what I will be like on Saturday when I take her to the airport. I’m definitely not going to bother with any makeup, that’s for certain.  I’m getting choked-up now as I write this actually. The whole house will be a mess of sadness and tears, I just know it!

Nous aimons et t’adore et espère que nous voyons vous revior bientôt ma douce jeune fille.


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