200+ Club

Woo hooooo!  I received a notification from WordPress today… I now have 200+ Followers! Woo-hoooo!! 

This little haven I created in February means so much to me, and so do everyone of YOU!  Thank you for walking with me, supporting me, and talking to me! 



    1. I grew to over 300 followers in a few ways. 1)Visit other blogs and invest time in reading and commenting on their work. 2) Post often. 3) have engaging content. and 4) have a blog design that is easy to navigate, attractive looking and that meets your goals.

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      1. I did check out your blog. One thought take it or leave it. Watch your color scheme and your headings are too large. Some bright colors are harder to readers engaged and the print is a little small. Just some thoughts. I think you have a unique story to tell. Blessings

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      2. This blog design is my fourth. It took that long to figure out what I wanted to communicate, where I wanted it to go, and who I was trying to reach. So now the title matches the design. Keep playing with your design until you like how it looks. Play with color combinations. Look at the blog on your computer and on your phone. Many read my blog on their phones so I had to change the font text because you could not see it on a cell phone or tablet. Blessings.


      3. Thank you! And thank you for the advice. I had not thought about the view being different on a mobile device! (I am not that tech savvy;) I have changed the appearance a couple of times, but not in a while. It is definitely time for an update, and I will definitely take all of your points into consideration. Please let me know what you think the next time you visit!

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  1. That’s fantastic! Congrats on that awesome accomplishment. I don’t think I have many followers but then again I really do not post as much as I should. I have to change that. Thank you for your awesome blog and the opportunity for us to follow you. 🙂

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