The Flint for My Sparks

After last nights struggle, and what seems to be a ‘dry spell” I went and signed up for an online creative writing course that starts next week.  I’m so excited! 

Husband might very well kill me when he finds out… Besides the cost (wasn’t that much, well too too much) he will argue that I am slammed with work and do not have the bandwidth-in mind or time-to take a class. 

Pshaw! I just finished up two degrees in five years while working full-time the whole of it. Who’s he kidding?! 

So I think I will add this element to my blog somehow. I’m very excited for what this may spark in my creativity. 



    1. Funny I just told my husband a few minutes ago. First response “do you have time for that?” Haha! I said nope but I’m doing it anyway. He was cheerfully supportive. (Love that man)

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    1. Since I started writing a book (yeah) I decided to take character development first. But there are a couple more courses I want to take after this one but I wanted to see how I like it before I signed up/paid for those.


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