And by the way, everything in life is writable about, if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. ~ Sylvia Plath

I’m all about the quotes this week. Because Lord knows I need the prompt. Creativity, self-doubt, enemy…yes yes yes and all that jazz.  I mean I could get introspective with this quote, absolutely. And that was my intention. But I decided to veer off the path and go a little random tonight. Call it me being creative… 

I put it out there today on the BMU that perhaps others, like me, some might be challenged with their writing right now.  And it’s true! I am not alone in my boat of blank pages!!  

Is it the season? Like children playing in the meadow of summer time, there’s no thought to it, it just is. Or that Summer is supposed to be filled with lazy days, beach sand, sun, good books and a light agenda? Shoot, I didn’t get that memo.  

Maybe I’m just concentrating too hard to write. Thing is, I really want to write. And it’s all very much at the tip of my mind…but then I sit down and….nothing comes. I can’t formulate a decent string of words about a darned thing.  

See, I’m rambling. 



  1. I lost direction and the ability to write on occasion and all I did was take some time, live my life and nearly always came back with a renewed energy.
    You will get there Amanda, just relax and put it from your mind. Blogging is meant to be enjoyable, not a chore (If only I had realised this at the start….!)

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    1. Absolutely, and I think that’s where the rub is-I do enjoy it so much so I don’t understand why I can’t find my words these couple of weeks. It’ll come, I know that logically but in the words of Willy Wonka, ‘I want it now!’ Hee hee 😜

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  2. Ramble on!!! It will all come together…
    I ramble on… un invisible mode.. then often let it sit for 24 hours and come back and play with it… and suddenly some of my rambles aren’t quite so ramblish anymore.. i guess that means i am learning..

    Keep up the great work!!


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