When your passion and purpose are greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way. 

Fearless. Am I fearless? It’s a mental block, fear. Part of me wonders if I subconsciously fear discovering my true passions and purpose in life because, when I ‘discover’ myself I will then be faced with drastic change to realize them.  Or…is that just an excuse?


I have realized through this short journey so far that my greatest dream is to travel the world. Travel the world writing would be my personal definition of heaven.  

What I haven’t realized until recently is that I have been setting small (tiny) things in motion  to have me there in my long-term future. Even just my mindset. I may not be writing novels from a beach hut in Bali or from a cabin in the foothills -yet-but I do know that I can one day. I can work my job anywhere I have a hotspot-and I can buy one of those. The youngest of my kids will be off to college in 8 (too short) years. And while my husband may not love the idea of me being gone for long periods of time without him, he’s not going to keep me from going knowing how important this is to me. So long as I come back to him often, of course. I already know I don’t need to be a road warrior all the time by no means, but I do need to just go enough. My heart is still home where he is.  

Quite simply, I have opened my mind to the possibilities just by being thoughtful about solutions-something I’ve never done before. It’s always just been one of those “sigh..if only” thoughts I’ve daydreamed about. But I’ve put a little less in fear and am thinking about the when and how, drowning the excuses in action. In fact, the first trip is the honeymoon we’ve never had to Italy in September of 2017 for 14 days. More on that topic to come, I’m certain. 

So when wondering how far I’ve come in the last 5 months here, with some stalls and a detour, and more to come along The Road to be sure, I take great pride in seeing where I am today. Still, purpose is the open question-how do I live my passion purposefully?  I have time. I just have to keep looking upward and forward-being open and receptive to what God lays in front of me when it’s His time. 

So do you secretly lock away your true dream because you fear the consequences of making them reality, based on your current situation?  Can you pull at threads of possibility within the bind that hold you -a few here, a few there – to make it less and less binding the more you work at it? 

Find a way. 



    1. You will once you find ‘it’ and it ‘sticks’ I think. Make sense? I think that’s the difference this time – it’s sticking with me as a passion, like – I KNOW I want this now…


      1. Better than having no dreams, so keep them close to your heart, treasure and nurture them, until you’re ready to act on making one of them come true. I would love to meet you in person one day and have a dinner!

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  1. You rock. I had a great conversation earlier this week on the same theme of pulling at the threads. Small, (even tiny) actions matter, especially when it feels like you’re stuck. Thank you for sharing – a very encouraging post.

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  2. I love this! I definitely share your passion for travel. I’m currently in the process of setting myself up to quit my corporate job in May 2017 and starting a life of travel! Are you familiar with Anita Wing Lee’s work? I just finished up her Funded and Flow online course, and it was really amazing!


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